Is it useful to couples therapy?

Written by: Dr. Jose García Hurtado
Published: | Updated: 14/09/2022
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Couples therapy is aimed at psychology to solve problems encountered along the coexistence of both members. To do this, systematically develop tools and techniques to conduct reassessment of conflict situations in order to solve communication problems, emotional deprivation, and other motivational deficiencies of various kinds.

couples therapy The process of couples therapy, so now treated in the specialty of psychology , begins with a comprehensive assessment by the therapist interviewing both members of the former. After completing this point, the existing conflict areas and then start therapy are identified by those that affect more intensely the common good. Therapy progresses session after session, by terminating the process after resolving conflicting attitudes over a period of four months duration estimated at 3 therapeutic sessions per month.

When to go to couples therapy

When partners feel a high dissatisfaction in their relationship and, at the same time, a great difficulty to solve their problems and differences, is the ideal time to start therapy and thus prevent the deterioration further progress to be made irreversible.

Benefits and success rate

Attend couples therapy can mean the recovery of individual welfare of each member and the quality of their lives, solve difficulties in verbal and emotional communication, to acquire the skills necessary to address the problems identified and, in particular, regain the feeling mutual confidence.

Both members throughout the process, they acquire the commitment expressed in all sincerity and respect with your partner, with the therapist and privacy. They must attend regularly and perform tasks proposed during the sessions.

When assessing the initial situation detected in both a willingness to change and when involved and committed in each of the above aspects, the success rate is close to one hundred percent. The proportion is decreasing as some of the longer meets the conditions to which it has committed and fails to apply and practice the techniques learned in the sessions members.

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Dr. Jose García Hurtado

By Dr. Jose García Hurtado

Dr. José García Hurtado is a leading psychologist and professor in behavior and personality disorders. He began his professional career in the field of clinical psychology in 1975 and since then he is a recognized expert in the treatment of behavior and personality disorder, anxiety and stress, depression, affective disorders, social phobias and sleep and eating disorders.

On the other hand, he has a Doctorate in depression and is a specialist in the cognitive behavioral treatment of the following problems: conflicts in the couple, deficiencies in intrafamily communication, emotional pain management, obsessive emotional states and states subsequent to post-traumatic stress situations (PTSD) It is also responsible for the treatment of conflicts in adolescents and the relations between parents and children.

It emphasizes the importance of addressing treatments through validated behavioral and cognitive techniques and procedures . The duration of therapies does not generally exceed six months.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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