Discharging ballast, connecting with your being

Written by: Marina Bassas Vivó
Edited by: Top Doctors®


Marina after 13 years dedicated to individual therapy've added to your professional activity personal growth courses Why and what they are?

We all have a natural gift to conquer our inner happiness, but as society, through education and the family system established has taught us many things, have not taught us to take responsibility lovingly ourselves to connect with all our potential to achieve so live more fully and quiet. I feel that this goal should be a sine qua non in any education system from an early age. Science has already demonstrated the advantages of living with a higher level of consciousness. The course explains clearly that our brain is the potential to behave like animals or gods. Shows which internal obstacles us away from our excellence and points the next steps to bring out the best in all of us.

What moves us away from our excellence?

I will point the general headlines but each is full of subtleties; IGNORANCE do you imagine a wise bad case himself and others? Failure to control your emotions, if you become aware of what you are much more than the emotion that you experienced can hardly become the leading manager of your brain and live enslaved them. THOUGHTS condition scandalously our life, but we learn to detect inherited or negative thoughts and we believe their song, can fall into something as easy as unpromising to live the life that others want to live instead of living than actually sientes.Yen this context it is difficult to feel fully free. Reality and our perception of reality are two different things. FEAR is another factor because if you do not know how to reverse it, paralyzes any kind of evolution is in the field it (family, work, couple, friendship, studies). The power of forgiveness and acceptance also have their role in the course, both move mountains. And as a key tool also explains how to discern the voice of the ego, which prevents enslaves I can live in freedom and of consciousness that releases to BE.


Why work on internal self - improvement?

Because if we have the power to choose, we have it ALL, the experience of life is fuller and happier if we can live from the Higher Mind (Consciousness) that since the Inferior Mind (Ego). The latter is afraid, lives in eternal dissatisfaction and vacuum states, want to own, compare, needs approval, you want to be right, etc.. The SER own sense of identity, feel full because you know that ES, experience the true power, very different from the external power, lives in a state of wholeness, inner peace, feel free. 2 are comparable to live asleep (in the dark) or awake (in broad daylight) very different states.


What is the target audience?

To all the world. We spent hours and money on external things, why not devote an afternoon or morning to know more. The price of the courses is to reach all audiences. Are small groups whose aim is to relax, learn, have fun and become aware of who we really are. The road is not easy but it is liberating to know that for the change to happen we need only ourselves, we stop blaming others or circumstances and be protagonists of our lives. If the keys to happiness and live in us because they work on conquer rather than settle learned mechanisms. "Insanity is to pretend that things will change if we continue to behave in the same way."

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Marina Bassas Vivó

Psychologist and professor of homeopathy, Master in Clinical Psychology at the General Hospital of Barcelona and with extensive training and career, has become a benchmark for dealing with cases of stress, anxiety, depression, couple, family mediation, self-esteem and personal growth . She teaches homeopathy in Heilpraktiker school.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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