Fixed capillary system: solution for patients not candidates for transplant or with alopecia due to chemotherapy

Written by: Dra. Teresa Meyer González
Published: | Updated: 16/07/2018
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Capillary System Fixed (SCF) are fixed to the scalp hair implants. They differ from conventional in that are tailor-made and natural hair. In addition, they are the solution for patients not transplant candidates alopecia or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Spain BHR Clinic offers a new service for those patients presenting with alopecia and hair are not candidates for transplant or hair transplant is not indicated.


Capillary System Fixed: what is

Specifically, it is a Fixed Capillary System (SCF) made as allowing the patient to lead a normal life, unlike awkward and unnatural wigs. The SCF Spain BHR differ from the rest in that not only are custom-made for each patient and that are made of natural hair, but also the big news is that are fixed to the scalp. This means that the patient would have to remove and can lead a normal routine: bathing in the sea, in the pool, wash the scalp, sleep, etc.. Only every 4-6 weeks the patient is educated to learn to withdraw the SCF and credit them again.


Who is indicated Capillary System Fixed

Capillary System Fixed (SCF) is especially recommended for:1) women with androgenetic alopecia who are not candidates for transplantation and seek greater hair density and naturalness.2) Men with big alopecia where hair transplantation can be guaranteed not great coverage and hair density.3) Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy alopecia who want a natural look without having to resort to unaesthetic wigs.4) Patients with diseases of the scalp where the transplant is not indicated. Examples include cases of alopecia Frontal fibrosing Lichen Planus Pilar, Cutaneous Lupus or Alopecia Central Centrifuges, among others.  



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Teresa Meyer González

Dr. Meyer González is a prestigious specialist in Dermatology of Malaga, specifically in the pathologies related to the scalp and hair transplant. Currently, he is responsible for the Capillary Unit of the Dermatology Service of the Dr. Gálvez Hospital in Málaga.

He specialized in hair transplants at the International Capillary Microtransplant Clinic in Brussels, where he performed a microtransplant following the most novel techniques after his training. Also, she is qualified in the Master in Laser and Phototherapy in Dermoesthetic Pathology by the College of Physicians and the University of Barcelona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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