Showcase Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Written by: Dr. Francisco Villarejo Ortega
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez


Symptoms of cervical canal stenosis

Symptoms of cervical canal stenosis is the loss of strength in upper and lower, mainly in the arms limbs, impaired reflexes in all 4 limbs or upper limbs, impaired sensation in the arms, ie, tingling or loss sensitivity and neck pain and arms. In addressing the cervical compression it is normally above.



Symptoms of spinal canal stenosis

Clinical symptoms are mainly low back and lower limb pain, sensory disturbances in the form of tingling and loss of strength after walking 100 meters or less, and the relief of symptoms to sit or stand and also to flex the trunk on the pelvis and worsening by extending the trunk. Therefore, it is called the window syndrome and the patient has to stop a few minutes for the symptoms disappear, ie neurogenic claudication occurs.


Showcase syndrome treatment

The picture is progressive and treatment in most cases is surgical. Since recently, neurosurgeons perform a simple intervention that prevents the placement of titanium screws and plates, although this surgery does apply in some cases.

Surgery for spinal stenosis, both cervical and spinal cord, is minimally invasive and involves placing a spacer between the upper and lower vertebra and gradually increase the dimensions of the channel and the holes where they exit nerves. This intervention has virtually no complications and can also be done percutaneously, with a few centimeters incision. The intervention lasts 30 minutes and the patient is discharged within 24-48 hours and 2-3 weeks can lead a normal life.


Prevention of spinal canal stenosis and cervical

You can avoid or prevent course not making great efforts to maintain adequate working postures, performing adequate exercise, avoiding obesity and alcohol, etc.

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By Dr. Francisco Villarejo Ortega
Neurological Surgery

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