Of chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Written by: Dr. Daniel Zarza Luciañez
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¿In syndrome consisting of chronic pelvic pain


The chronic pelvic pain syndrome is an entity or pathology of those pathological processes that reside on the pelvic floor. It is a pain that assumes that it will more than six months in duration.

¿What kind of pain there and that causes


As we see the pelvic floor is a broad structure. In this structure are collected organs aimed at many different functions such as the nervous system, digestive system, urinary system and muscular topic. Here is a muscular cup that collects all the support of the viscera of the abdomen. Any of these structures may cause pain pathology or pelvic floor. For this we must first diagnose which is the origin place of the pain. I like neurophysiologist check two of these structures: the muscular system and the nervous system. Mainly two entities, the box myofascial pelvic floor and pudendal nerve neuropathy.

¿In what is the treatment?¿, can relieve this pain


The treatment of chronic pelvic pain happens for the most accurate diagnosis. Once the etiology is established, in my case from the point of view of muscle or nerve, focused treatment. Treatment should be individualized. In the case of pudendal neuropathy first establish severity of the disease and nerve structures includes. The first step is analgesic. Most of the usual analgesics are not effective for this type of pathology. Opioid analgesics are only slightly effective. We modulators of neuropathic pain drugs, such as antiepileptic. A third serious stair infiltration. Seepage can do about the nerve structures, which we call blocks, or infiltrate directly into the supporting structures, or muscles, desensitizing injections. All this treatment also passes through the hands of our therapists. Physical therapists have an extremely important role, because the exit door of any injury to the pelvic floor myofascial usually a box, in which the muscles are shortened and must return the initial length they had these musculature.

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By Dr. Daniel Zarza Luciañez

Dr. Zarza is an atypical neurophysiologist; His training in Aesthetic Medicine, specifically in laser techniques, has led him to combine new medical technologies in his activity. The broad knowledge of the doctor in relation to the pelvic floor and laser therapies have allowed him to approach the treatment of Sd. Genito-urinary (incontinence, vaginal atrophy) frequent in menopause, this activity is performed at the Vithas Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital . On the other hand, studies of chronic pelvic pain (N. Pudendo and Se. Myofascial) are carried out in the S. of Urology of the Centro Clínica .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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