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In Clínica Dental Bahía Blanca we have professionals specialized in the different branches of dentistry, prosthetics, implants, periodontics, orthognathic surgery, orthodontics and articulation.

Occlusion and ATM (Temporomandibular Joint)

Here at the clinic we are dedicated especially to orthodontics, orthognathics, occlusion and ATM. For this, what we do is to make an exhaustive study of the articulation, of the function, that is to say, of the mobility of the articulation, of whether or not it suffers from pains, sensitivity, pathology in short. For this we use this device, which is an articulator, which has the advantage that it takes away our muscles and we can see precisely The patient's occlusion is fundamental for all treatments, whatever, prosthesis, prosthesis on implants, orthodontics ... all must go through this gadget to have a greater precision and the stability of the results is optimal.


Orthognathic surgery

As I have already mentioned, another of our specialties is orthognathic surgery. Orthognathic surgery consists of operating the jaws, that is, it is not only moving the teeth but moving the bones to obtain a stable occlusion and this involves a series of changes, not only at the dental level, but at the facial level. As you can see, here we have a classic orthognathic surgery patient. Presents an open bite, with impossibility at the time of eating, more than impossibility, discomfort at the time of chewing, problems of headaches, tensions at neck level. This patient needs an operation because at the dental level we can not correct the problem. We need a previous orthodontics to then move the jaws, that is, the jaw and maxilla, and place them in a stable position according to the rest of the face. As you can see in these patients, there is not only an absolute change at the dental level, but also a change at the facial level.

In cases like the one I have shown you, of orthognathic surgery, we also use the articulator, what happens is that in this case what we do is operate the patient previously in the articulator. We operate the patient, cut the jaws, place them in the final position and bring them to occlusion, in order to analyze the long-term stability of the results.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection