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The doctor Rafael Serena , an international leader in aesthetic medicine, opened his private clinic in Barcelona: Serena Clinic. Located in the upper area of ​​the city and surrounded by the most prestigious centers, the clinic is located in a newly built building, specially adapted for all types of patients and six plants dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive care of medicine and surgery aesthetics.

Serena Clinic has facilities last generation technology and scientific forefront of the highest quality at the international level, such as the Cynosure® ;, leading brand in medico-aesthetic lasers. Dr objectives. Serena are caring image and prevent aging people globally, respecting health a priority, and that patients treated at Serena Clinic by minimally invasive procedures without surgery or scarring, achieve natural results and very satisfactory. The quality of care and experience of over twenty years guarantee your safety.

With prevention treatments, Dr. Rafael Serena intends to maintain optimal patient image without resorting a major surgical interventions in the future. One treatment that is revolutionizing medical aesthetics are the turnbuckles, wire technique in which the Doctor is an expert and provides results facelift without surgery and in just 30 minutes. In addition, this professional stresses the importance of diagnostic systems;quality of lasers and products used in the treatments and prevention and maintenance of these treatments in patients to avoid traumatic interventions in the future.


Doctor Serena, we used to talk about different techniques of rejuvenation without a previous diagnosis of skin,¿, that difference does


The importance is vital because there is now technology that helps us accurately diagnose the quality of the skin before and define, as a function of diagnosis, any treatment. These new systems that provide us information fast and effective form of skin condition represent a growing trend that will become more palpable in the near future.


professional hands when submit to any treatment aesthetic medicine, are a fundamental tool. But, understand that they are also the aparatologia and products used…

Asi. This much aparatologia appearing on the market that does not have the necessary quality, often coming from other countries whose quality control is lower than the European. Furthermore, the quality of materials to improve infiltrating the skin is not the same in all treatments that are offered. It is also important to note that these treatments should always be made ​​in medical centers that meet the minimum requirements recommended by the Health Departments of each autonomic community.


¿That is what most valued today in cosmetic medicine treatment


People already have very clear that natural is what prevails. Treatments should be safe, natural and most importantly, that are reversible, ie, we can return to the initial state if we are not satisfied with the result. In this address, I would like to emphasize that prevention and maintenance are essential. If we want to be good from here to ten years, for example, to do a small effort on prevention and maintenance, so it is not necessary to traumatic interventions.


The innovations in the field of medical aesthetics advancing by leaps and bounds. & iquest;What is the most novel treatment in aesthetic medicine right now


Like liposuction, laser or Botox®treatments were revolutionary in its day, now the thread lift is the latest and most demanded by patients.


¿In what is and what results provides


What is the correct sagging, which until now was impossible to do otherwise laid low the patient to traumatic interventions. The treatment is carried out in half an hour, requires only local anesthesia and does not pose any risk.

The thread lift tighten the skin getting an immediate lifting effect and discreet produces a regenerative action, either on the face or other areas of the body such as arms, buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. The results are durable and can say that treated patients are very happy.

I try whenever my patients feel better but no one appreciates the treatment performed. I favor getting small improvements in each session and in some cases is a success slowing aging and, like many people ask me, getting just grow old with dignity.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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