Septorhinoplasty, when we seek to improve the appearance and functions of the nose

Written by: Dr. Xavier Barceló Colomer
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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septorhinoplasty nose surgery In ancient Egypt, 3,000 years ago, and doctors performed interventions in the nose. Today, it is the fifth most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in Spain: one in a thousand citizens are subjected to this operation each year. Dr. Xavier Barceló Colomer is an expert in this speech, for which he has developed a unique technique pioneered the world.


Dr. Barceló, what is a septorhinoplasty?

The septorhinoplasty is an integrated surgery to simultaneously perform a correction of functional and aesthetic problem. Usually, we correct a deviated nasal septum and inferior turbinates reduce with aesthetic correction of the nasal pyramid or the nasal tip. It is one of the most difficult techniques to practice because the ultimate goal should be the patient to breathe properly and nose present a very natural look, ie not notice that has been operated. In a septorhinoplasty any slightest irregularity clearly shows. Rhinoplasty performed only cosmetic correction of the nose.


What advantages does an otolaryngologist as when you make a septorhinoplasty?

Always we perform a nasal endoscopy with a fiber, so that the patient at all times observe the image of his nasal cavity on a monitor. This allows us an accurate diagnosis and provide us with an explanation of their respiratory distress. In addition, we developed a complete photo book analyzed in the computer and asked what the aesthetic features that most uncomfortable and we detail the different possibilities of correction are.


What technique do you do, the closed or open?

Neither, both they have many technical limitations. If the intervention is closed, it is very difficult to intervene nasal tip and the results are fairly predictable. Open rhinoplasty has the disadvantage scar the columela level, which is always more or less visible. Therefore after more than 30 years performing interventions septorhinoplasty, I designed a unique technique that combines the best of both, ie, no external scar and allows us a great exhibition of the tip and the pyramid, and understand the relationship between the anatomy, function and aesthetic alteration and so make the most suitable correction maneuvers. This technique was introduced in Congress of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Boston in 2010.


What does this type of intervention for the patient?

It is an operation that usually perform medianteanestesia are 24 hours of hospitalization, the nasal packing pacientelleva retiring after four days and outer plastic splint for two weeks.


How is postoperative?

It has spread the rumor that is very painful, but for nothing. There is a feeling of tightness but no pain. It's uncomfortable for four days because we can not breathe through your nose, then sleeps worse and there is some wear, exhaustion. In addition, the eyes water more than usual and nasal plugs will be more or less stained. The patient should drink water frequently to hydrate the oropharynx and eat food in small quantities. During the first month must avoid blowing your nose and wear glasses, nor can sunbathe early. If you have a sedentary job can reincorporate in ten days, but if you make a physical effort would be between three to four weeks. Usually, there is a slight hematoma disappeared within two weeks.


What advice would you give me to choose a surgeon?

You must perform a complete scan of the nose with a complete photo book to explain what are the most appropriate techniques to correct the problem and to show results.

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By Dr. Xavier Barceló Colomer

ENT specialist, Dr. Barceló Colomer is an acknowledged expert in septorhinoplasty. He has designed a unique technique septorhinoplasty presented in Congress The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, held in Boston in September 2010. This technique involves creating a harmony in the nose making a set of aesthetic and functional improvements. Dr. is also a specialist in the study of sleep and in the treatment of most nasal diseases such as nasal respiratory failure, polyps, chronic sinusitis and headache, among others. He currently serves as Clinical ENT Tarradellas Diagonal and Medical Center.




*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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