Do you know what the main pathologies of the liver?

Written by: Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin
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What are the pathologies of the liver?

From the surgical point of view, the liver presents different pathologies that can be benign or malignant. Among the benign pathologies, the most frequent are cystic diseases, which can be parasitic and non-parasitic. And among the parasitic ones, the most frequent in Spain is the hydatid cyst. Of the non-parasitic cystic diseases the most frequent hepatic cysts. On the other hand, there may be benign and malignant liver tumors, as we have said.

Benign hepatic tumors are the most frequent adenomas, can be subsidiary of surgery. And malignant liver tumors can be primary, such as hepatocarcinoma, or secondary, such as the metastasis of different types of tumors in the system.. The most frequent are colon carcinoma metastases.

Also in the liver are the bile ducts that can also produce surgical pathologies. The most common known is cholelithiasis, or stones in the gallbladder. This type of pathology requires an extirpation of the gallbladder and with it the patient will be perfectly after his treatment. There are also other types of diseases in the bile duct that can be subsidiary of surgery and that very good results can be obtained in this type of treatment.


What is your treatment?

Nowadays, hepatic surgery, liver resection surgery, both in benign tumors and in malignant tumors is a surgery that is performed frequently with excellent results, with minimal repercussion on the patient. In some cases, minimal hepatic resections are performed that can be performed by laparoscopy, and in other cases of large liver resections that are performed either by laparoscopy or by open surgery.. In any case, the results at present are excellent.

Within biliary pathology, as we have said before, the most frequent is cholelithiasis. In this case, we always perform laparoscopic surgery. In other biliary problems you can perform biliary bypass surgeries with excellent results.


What results does it offer?

Nowadays the short and long term results in both hepatic and biliary surgery are very good since the surgeries are very standardized and a low aggression to the patient is performed. In the case of being able to perform them laparoscopically, aggression is still less. Let's say that a little the star of these treatments is the laparoscopic cholescystectomy in which the patient can leave the same day his house, or the next day, with which the results are magnificent.

In the long term the results will be in accordance with the treated pathology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin

By Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin

Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin is a leading specialist in general surgery. It is particularly expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery, hepatoblio-pancreatic surgery, laparoscopic surgery esophageal-gastric and morbid obesity. Currently, you have a query in the San Francisco de Asis Hospital and has been Head of General Surgery and Gastroenterology of Chiron Group.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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