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Written by: Dr. Diego García-Borreguero Díaz-Varela
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Snoring occurs in about 20% of the adult population, in most cases men who have started snoring at a young age, since adolescence. It is closely related to sleep apnea.

Apnea is related to snoring, although it is not cardiorespiratory arrest There are a number of common features in people who snore, which could be: nasal obstruction , thickening of the uvula , soft palate , tonsils, or fatty deposits on the walls of the airways, typical of obese people.

While snoring rarely annoys the emitter, for those who listen and share room, it can be a dramatic and desperate experience.


Causes and Remedies of Snoring

If snoring worsens when you sleep on your back, you should avoid. Same as foods containing substances that cause allergic reactions. Other factors such as dry air can irritate and sometimes inflam the nasal mucosa , and alcohol and tobacco should be avoided as far as possible, as they cause them to cause snoring.


Sleep apnea

Apneas suppose a temporary cessation of respiration, although they should not be confused with cardiorespiratory arrest, since the heart continues to beat, and respond to a total or almost total collapse within the pharynx. If the apneas are very frequent, the affected person will remain good part of the night with low concentrations of oxygen in blood.

One of the consequences is the fragmentation of sleep, which causes the person to wake up with the sensation of not having rested, with headache and dryness in the mouth. The result of this is an increased risk of road or occupational accidents, as well as the appearance of changes in mood, depression, decreased performance or loss of concentration and memory capacity.


Diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea

The essential test for the diagnosis of sleep apnea is the so-called polysomnography. As for your treatment, the best remedy is prevention: weight loss, not sleeping on the back, performing physical exercise, etc.

We also find the surgical measures for the most severe cases. The type of operation will depend on the location and importance of the anomalies found. If it is found in nasal passages, a correction of the nasal septum or a resection of polyps. On the other hand, resection of the soft palate is more common.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Diego García-Borreguero Díaz-Varela

International reference in Movement Disorders during sleep, Dr. Garcia-Borreguero is a neurologist expert and specializes in sleep disorders psychiatrist. With over 20 years of experience, currently coordinates the multidisciplinary team at the Institute of Sueno, reference center for research, disclosure and treatment of various pathologies of sleep. Author of more than 100 international publications, teaches and lectures in Europe, USA and Asia, also is one of the opinion leaders of the movement disorders during sleep.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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