Rinomodelación and rhinoplasty:what is the difference?

Written by: Dr. Ángel Ruiz Norro
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Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic intervention of the nose, which, contrary to rhinoplasty, is not done by surgical procedures. It is indicated to correct the defects of the profile of the back of the nose, small gibas and fallen tips.

A little history

Many of the words we use today in our language have their origin in the Greek, as is the case of:

Rino , who in Greek names the nasal appendix

Plastic , which means form in Greek.

Of these two Greek words may come our term " rhinoplasty ", used to denominate the intervention that is usually done in a hospital to modify the shape to the nose.

The basic concepts and development of rhinoplasty as a practice were still developed by the American surgeon Roe in 1887 and popularized by Joseph from 1931 .



In the present century, the appearance of new materials and medical instruments allows us to perform many of these rhinoplasty operations in a minimally invasive way , almost without surgery or without surgery, with local anesthesia, such as the one used by the dentist and without hospitalization, nor of operating room and with a later minimal care. And of course, the risks are lower.

As this is a medical intervention designed to modify the shape of the nose, we could also call it rhinoplasty, but since this term is already used for hospital intervention, the term " rhinomodeling " was coined, which means practically the same thing, but it we use it to designate a form of minimally invasive rhinoplasty , with highly predictable permanent results and performed on an outpatient basis without surgery or hospitalization, minimal risks and lower cost.

I work with this amazing technique since 2007 , finding myself among the pioneers with her in Spain. In my experience 80% of the cases that are susceptible or that require aesthetic improvement through medical or surgical intervention can be resolved with this minimally invasive rhinoplasty technique. Another 20% of cases can benefit more with the classic technique of surgical rhinoplasty.


Rinomodelación: knowing the wishes of the patient

The rhinomodeling begins with a medical consultation and the study of the patient's image , with the aim of knowing their desires or preferences and objectifying the possibilities of change through simulation in a computer program managed by the professional and from a photographic report of quality which is done in the consultation.

In this way, the patient can see what the rhinomodeling offers and compare also with what rhinoplasty can offer. The doctor or surgeon may also know what the patient wants, which often does not match their own tastes or preferences.

In this same session I can offer the patient different options and advise on them. This work of simulation of possible results and inquiry into the tastes and desires of the patient is very important because, traditionally, rhinoplasty is performed without this previous study, and it is often the surgeon who decides what will do well patient, finding that this was not what the patient wanted.


The procedure

Simply explained the procedure, after the diagnosis of the image, decide what is going to be done and performed local anesthesia, consists of puncturing the skin with an injection needle and through that hole the introduction of instruments and materials that will allow an internal mold with the desired shapes and modifications.

The mold will mostly reabsorb as tissues of the body replace it over the following weeks, it is generally not painful during the performance - lasting between 15 and 30 minutes - nor afterwards , nor is it necessary to take analgesics or antibiotics for this reason.

After the first session, the results. After about two months, the organism has replaced most of the mold (70%) with its own tissues. The procedure can then be performed again to refine the results. The number of sessions usually varies between one and three.

The procedure and rhinomodeling technique is very useful both in the nose without surgery and in the operated nose, to repair or improve surgical rhinoplasties that have not been well and allows people who would not operate to modify their image without also supposing a contraindication to a later rhinoplasty if this is the case.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ángel Ruiz Norro
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Ruiz expert Norro is easy and Rinomodelación rejuvenation without surgery, mark it owns in Europe. Doctorate from the University of Malaga, has an extensive background in European and American Aesthetic Surgery. A private practice in Marbella, Barcelona and Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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