Responses to erection problems

Written by: Dr. Mariano Rosselló Barbará
Published: | Updated: 19/11/2018
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"The pills do not work for me", is there another solution?

Of course. While they are the best known solution, they are only suitable for 60% of men who suffer from this problem. When the pills do not give satisfactory results we have other options that will restore the patient's erection. In case the loss of erection does not respond to a physical cause, if it is not a consequence of a psychological problem, there are also very effective therapies. If the erections begin to lose rigidity, it is important to go to a specialist to identify the causes, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is secondary to a major disease.


Is losing an erection normal after the third age?

Absolutely, no. Keeping years does not mean losing your erection or giving up sexual activity as long as you enjoy good general health. The risk factors for erectile dysfunction are varied: circulatory problems, diabetes , hypertension , obesity , tobacco and alcohol consumption ...


When is the penile prosthesis indicated?

The penile prosthesis is a definitive solution that is indicated for men who fail to solve the lack of rigidity with drugs because their circulatory insufficiency is severe, to a venous leak that prevents the blood from remaining in the corpora cavernosa of the penis or for those who, after surgery, have lost their erection as a result of it.


Is fertility maintained with a prosthesis?

If the patient is fertile before surgery, it will continue to be after this. The erection achieved with the prosthesis will enable the ejaculation to occur inside the vagina and there are many more chances to fertilize than when the patient did not achieve an erection. It is a safe and effective solution, indicated in 15% of cases. The choice of the type of prosthesis according to the anatomy of the patient is very important to guarantee an optimal postoperative period and a good functioning of the prosthesis.

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By Dr. Mariano Rosselló Barbará

Urologist and andrologist prestigious internationally. Dr. Rossello is an expert in uro-andrological surgery, particularly in penile surgery and restoration of erection, with a long career in the field of sexual medicine. He is a pioneer in the development of diagnostic techniques and treatment for erectile dysfunction. He is also the inventor of the Digital Inflection Rigidometer (diagnostic equipment ED) and Cavernotomo Rossello (surgical instrument for implanting a penile prosthesis). Accumulate the most experience in Spain in penile prosthesis implant ad personam, with more than 1,500 cases.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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