Remedies for Menopause

Written by: Dra. Maria José Maroto
Published: | Updated: 28/10/2018
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Menopause is the time when women stop having menstrual periods. It is considered fully instituted when the woman has not been the rule for 12 months in a row.

The average age at which women enter menopause is 50 years (45 to 55). When the patient suffers before age 40 is considered premature menopause and, when it is between 40 and 45, early menopause.


Symptoms of menopause

Menstruation does not disappear at once, but to the 45 years alterations feel until the rule is finished. This period is known as perimenopause, and usually lasts 5 years until they reach menopause, but may vary depending on the woman.

Not necessarily all women have symptoms that warn of the arrival of menopause, but, according to experts , the most common are:

  • Hot flushes or night sweats
  • Moodiness, sadness
  • Insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Dry skin and dehydration leading to wrinkling.
  • vaginal dryness
  • Loss of collagen: it involves joint pain, skin laxity and sagging
  • Alopecia
  • Osteoporosis: decreased bone density
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic diseases: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, among others
  • recurrent urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence
  • vaginitis
  • physical and psychological changes

Symptoms and intensity of these can vary from woman.


Tips for menopause

Menopause is not a disease but a stage of life that can be great if the woman learns to use the time to reinvent itself:

  • General Analytical and hormones
  • integrative diet
  • nutritional supplementation
  • dermoestéticos care: wrinkles, sagging, age spots, alopecia, etc.
  • Relaxation techniques: to control anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and to help control stress from work or family
  • Physical exercise: to prevent osteoporosis
  • active sexuality
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By Dra. Maria José Maroto
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Maroto is dedicated to medicine since 1990. It combines the aesthetic medicine with homeopathic medicine. It specializes in integrative medicine aesthetic, antiaging, facial, body and hair medicine, cosmetic dermatology treatments and pre- and menopause. In 2014 he received the Professional Excellence Award by the Institute for Professional Excellence. The doctor, who has conducted numerous training courses within their specialty, is responsible for the Department of Aesthetic Medicine Integrative Medicine (CMI) Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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