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Written by: Dra. Natalia Ribé
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We know that the periocular area is one of the areas that must be corrected and kept in mind during a facial rejuvenation treatment. The periorbicular area requires a specific evaluation of both the delicate skin and muscle activity, as well as the fat and skeletal resorption that it suffers over the years. Hence, it must be analyzed and addressed with several treatments always adapted to each case and patient.

Athena technique for rejuvenation of dark circles

Athena is the name with which I have baptized my personal technique of rejuvenation for the area of dark circles , in honor of one of the goddesses of ancient Greece, admired for the beauty that emanated from their eyes.

It is based on a protocol that allows reconstructing the structure of said area by means of the injection of specific hyaluronic acid that manages to correct the dark circles in a natural way improving the appearance of the skin.

Why do dark circles appear?

In youth, the malar fat extends below the orbicular muscle in its ocular portion to the orbital rim, thanks to the subjection of the orbitomalar ligament, but with age the ligament is attenuated. The fat is lost and the skin is refined, leaving the area that is anatomically designated as a nasoyugal sulcus.. Some people present this zone slightly sunken, while others present it extremely depressed.

Socially, dark circles are usually associated with fatigue, illness or worry, but beyond appearing in a timely manner for any of these causes, often dark circles are permanent and their appearance is usually due to genetic causes or the action of age .

The area of ​​the dark circles requires a wide anatomical knowledge of the area and have a good technique. With its correction, it is intended to rejuvenate the look and eliminate the impression of fatigue or sadness that often provide the face.

What properties and results does the treatment provide for dark circles?

To rejuvenate the area of ​​dark circles, being the skin of the area so delicate, we use a new hyaluronic acid gel (AH) , designed specifically to treat dark circles and correct them naturally. It contains a synergistic formula that combines natural ingredients, a subtle balance between a low level of semi-reticulated AH (to reduce the risk of edema), with a perfect viscoelasticity (to maximize the ease of injection and facilitate the correct positioning of the product); in addition to amino acids, mineral antioxidants and vitamins (all of them related to the synthesis of collagen), which will help us improve the quality of the skin.  

A very good and lasting aesthetic result is obtained, with a specific product and indicated for a difficult area to treat until now, such as dark circles. This rejuvenation can be complemented with peeling therapy, laser, treatment with botulinum toxin, carboxiterapia and mesotherapy.


Athena was one of the goddesses worshiped in ancient Greece. Born of Zeus and Metis. It was especially venerated in Athens where the famous Parthenon is dedicated to her. Her beauty was such that it equaled Hera and Aphrodite, two of the most beautiful goddesses of the classical pantheon.

But if she was admired for something, it was because of her bright and clear eyes that emanated from her beautiful eyes and made her a symbol of the Athenian polis' devotion.


Historical advice: Pau Valdés and Dr Jordi Campillo.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Natalia Ribé
Aesthetic Medicine

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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