Rejuvenate your eyelids with mixed blepharoplasty

Written by: Dr. Carlos Gullón Cabrero
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A blepharoplasty is a palpebral rejuvenation surgery. Over the years, signs of aging and aging affect the face and eyelids. In the upper eyelids there may be an excess of skin and fat, as well as in the lower eyelids, where a redundancy of the orbicularis muscle may occur.

These aspects can be corrected by an eyelid rejuvenation surgery, also called blepharoplasty. However, sometimes we associate other procedures to solve other problems that may appear in the aspect of the look.

Thus, wrinkles or grooves that can not be corrected with a blepharoplasty are treated with other procedures, such as lipolifting, with which small wrinkles and grooves are resolved that a conventional blepharoplasty can not resolve.

Brow wrinkles, crow's feet or furrow and the dark color of dark circles can be improved by using the aforementioned additional techniques, a fact that would imply an even more satisfactory result in eye rejuvenation.


Lipofilling and Blepharoplasty: Mixed Blepharoplasty

This process is known as a mixed blepharoplasty, since conventional techniques of blepharoplasty are added lipofilling techniques. Thus, in short, it is a question of associating blepharoplasty with other procedures that serve to achieve a better result in the eyes, as well as in the tissues around it. The effect is simple: a more complete result and a high degree of satisfaction for the patient.

The mixed technique may also be associated with other facial lipofilling procedures, such as nasogenic grooves, definition of the mandibular line, wrinkles on the forehead and / or enlargement of the cheekbones.

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By Dr. Carlos Gullón Cabrero
Plastic surgery

Dr. Carlos Gullon Cabrero has over 20 years of experience and specializes in facial and body cosmetic surgery. He has also collaborated on campaigns facial reconstructive surgery in Mexico. Besides his intense surgical activity, Dr. Gullón has participated in numerous congresses and conferences in its field. Currently holds center FEMM surgery and aesthetic medicine and is part of a large number of medical and scientific societies of prestige.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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