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Written by: Dr. Rafael Serena
Published: | Updated: 02/07/2018
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the Botulinum toxin type a ( known as Botox when it is marketed by Allergan ) is famous for its magnificent results in reducing the signs of aging. However, as the explained Dr. Rafael Serena , Head of Laser Clinica Planas this substance is also widely used for therapeutic treatments for migraine, urinary incontinence or excessive sweating, among others.

¿In is the treatment

The Botulinum toxin application to remove wrinkles of expression is performed by in seepage into the muscle with a needle very fi ne. & ldquo;The product begins its action as a muscle relaxant before week, and it is normal that the two days since the effect is appreciated almost entirely. The maximum effect is observed for 5-6 weeks after injection and lasts up to 4 months. In addition, Botulinum toxin treatment achieves very high patient satisfaction due to its effectiveness safety and convenience (it is a quick treatment that does not require time off work or social of patients)&rdquo ;, explains Dr.. Serena.

¿Who can catch botulinica toxin


This indicated for the temporary improvement of the aspect of vertical lineas in the entrecejo that are observed to fruncir the ceno, in adults under 65 years, when gravity of these lineas has an important psychological impact for the patient. But, in reality, use of the TOXIN Botulinum for estetico use this very generalized between adults of 25-80 years who wish temporarily eliminate your wrinkles of expresion.

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By Dr. Rafael Serena
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Serena is the founder and medical director of Serena Clinic. It has over twenty years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine. It is one of the most presitigio doctors nationally and internationally. Recognized lecturer, teacher and leader of opinion, with positions in various scientific societies at national and European level.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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