Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the nasolabial area

Written by: Dr. José Ignacio Salmerón Escobar
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The nasolabial area

The lips and the perioral area are the aesthetic center of the lower third of the face. The lips express emotion, sensuality and vitality. For an adequate aesthetic evaluation of the face it is necessary to assess the maxillofacial harmony, since alterations in the appearance of the lips are caused by an alteration in the position of the jaws. For example, the appearance of a short or long lip, in most cases, is because your maxilla is short or long.

The aging process

Over the years, the resorption of the upper jaw, tooth loss, smoking, repeated muscle contraction of the lips and photoaging, produce the alteration and wrinkles characteristic of this area: superficial and deep wrinkles appear on the lips, mouth it has a constricted, shortened, puckered look, certain lines are flattened like that of the lip and, on the other hand, others like those of the nasolabial fold increase.

The facial fillers with hyaluronic acid

The social demand and the desire to have a young appearance have produced a great increase in this type of techniques. This is because they are non-aggressive techniques, very quick to perform and with few side effects and / or sequelae. Soft tissue fillers, called Fillers, serve to erase wrinkles and project soft tissues especially, the lips. Although there are many types of fillers, those that are safer should be used. Those of hyaluronic acid are obtained from bacterial synthesis, this entails the absence of important allergic or inflammatory reactions.

Dental implants

They are produced in titanium, which is an inert material that does not cause a reaction in the organism, facilitating its integration into the bone. They are used for dental rehabilitation.

Dental loss due to trauma, periodontal disease or other causes, produces a functional and aesthetic alteration, especially when it affects the anterior sector. At present, there is a demand to not only replace the lost dental pieces, but also so that their aesthetic appearance is optimal.

In recent years important advances have been made in the materials and design of the implants, in the regeneration of the bone when it is lost and in the planning of the implant treatments, we can perform the so-called Minimally Invasive Surgery, this means that we can place the Implants without making incisions and accurately.

The combination of Dental Implants and Fillers

Patients who have tooth loss and resorption of the maxilla over the years have an appearance of premature aging. With all the signs we have described: flattened lip without projection, increased wrinkles of the lips, increased nasolabial folds, effacement of the lip line.

The placement of dental implants and their corresponding prosthesis achieve a functional and aesthetic dental rehabilitation, with a better projection of their lips, however in many cases their nasolabial area continues with an aged appearance. In these cases the use of fillers with hyaluronic acid substantially improve this area achieving a rejuvenation of it.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Ignacio Salmerón Escobar
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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