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Written by: Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve
Published: | Updated: 03/11/2018
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More and more people go to the dentist consultations to undergo treatment tooth whitening, repair bad teeth and ultimately, regain a healthy, natural smile.

Caries and periodontitis ( gum disease ) are often the root cause of visits to the dentist, either with order to prevent or treat;however, more and more people come to find treatments dentist teeth whitening, replacing broken or missing parts and reposition teeth.

Improve the look


According to the Dr. Jose Ferrandiz specialist in Odontology and Stomatology, in recent years it has been noticed a clear increase in people wanting to undergo treatment to improve their smile,“This is a growing trend in. The defendant is the more Teeth whitening as well as the aesthetic restorations veneers and ceramics and zirconium crown


As for whitening your teeth, keep in mind that there are different solutions. & ldquo;In general these procedures by which recovers the natural color of your teeth or is modi fi ed to a lighter or whitish, with a high percentage of success. You start by removing the outer spots and stains on the teeth, and can continue with a chemical treatment using a gel that ultimately improves the color of dental pieces&rdquo ;, says Dr. Ferrandiz.

Repairing broken or damaged parts

Another of the more popular treatments are those that aim to restore cracked or broken teeth. It is the case of veneers, also known as“facets” porcelain and crowns, usually called“cases”. First, as explained by the dentist, are“ceramic restorations fabricated to fit each tooth, indicated to repair fractured, lightly textured or malpositioned teeth, shape and / or color fi cient”. It is a coating, usually to the front face of the tooth, providing a refreshed and healthy appearance to the teeth. & ldquo;The veneers are often partially cover the tooth, while crowns are often more extensive and so fi&rdquo ;, sticadas adds specialist. Therefore, crowns generally get used to used to restore badly damaged teeth ( that require reconstruction of at least about three-quarters ). & ldquo;In the case of missing one or more teeth, you can perform the treatment after installation of implants, predictable and effective procedure today in most cases&rdquo ;, says Dr.. All these treatments offer great results and enable people to regain a natural and healthy smile.

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By Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve

Odontologist internationally recognized, formed in the United States and a member of the College of Dentists of Catalonia Scientific Committee. It is one of the best doctors in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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