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The Dra. Grande, from the Diagonal Clinic in Barcelona, ​​the Hospital de l'Esperit Sant and its renowned clinic in Sabadell, serves national and international patients. This surgeon has more than 20 years of professional experience. His philosophy of work lies in making his patients feel better with their appearance.

As she herself states, "beauty is the harmony of body and mind, and by treating the body we help the mind find its equilibrium". Always close and affable in the deal, Dr.. Grande knows how to create a special bond with his patients. The doctor-patient relationship transforms with it into a pleasant conversation in which the expectations of the men and women who come to visit predominate.

Breast lift and tummy tuck

The operations of breast lift and tummy tuck can be carried out in a single surgical time - not in all cases but when authorized by the surgeon after a study of the patient in particular, so that the woman leaves the operating room with the chest and abdomen treated and operated. In this way the postoperative and recovery are simultaneous, the results will be definitive and it will show an evident improvement in the woman's body. Sometimes, this double procedure allows the surgeon to achieve a greater balance in the body contour, studying the best harmony in sizes and shapes.

"The professional has to study each patient to propose the best techniques and treatments, and then carry them out with the best possible results, real and harmonious," says Dr.. Nelida. Let's see what each one of these surgeries consists of:

  • Breast lift is a surgical procedure to elevate and improve the shape of the sagging breasts. Over the years, and after circumstances such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and the very force of gravity, the breast tends to fall. In addition, as the skin loses its elasticity, the breast loses its shape and falls, a phenomenon known as breast ptosis.The technique basically consists in trimming the excess skin and tissue and adjusting it until the desired elevation is achieved. Sometimes the breast is very "empty" and this eventuality can be solved through the use of prosthesis.
  • Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure whose purpose is to extract excess skin and fat from the lower-middle part of the abdomen.. In the same intervention you can also perform a liposuction (to remove excess fat deposits) and apply a strengthening in the abdominal wall musculature. Abdominoplasty can be performed together with breast lift and is recommended for women who have suffered a significant weight loss or pregnancy and the skin of the abdomen has been too loose and lax. The general appearance in these cases is usually an excessive volume of the abdomen that sometimes rests on the pubis - what is colloquially called "skirt" - and flanks that protrude and hang above the belt line.

The postoperative treatments

The objective of this double intervention, once the specialist has considered that the patient can undergo this joint action, is not other than to optimize the time that the woman goes through the surgical process and harmonize the results of both operations. In a few weeks the operated person will be able to return to his normal occupations following a series of rules that his surgeon will prescribe. The Dra. Nélida Grande insists on the importance of "a thorough medical follow-up in the postoperative period of patients."

One aspect that worries many men and women are scars. Each person has a different healing rhythm, so there is no general rule for all people operated on. Your recovery will depend on this rhythm and on the recommendations and treatments that are made after the operation. There are specialized cosmetic lines that help to improve the possible scars. Radiofrequency treatments, lymphatic drainage and newer techniques such as light biostimulation, which stimulates the deepest layers of the skin through the use of photons of light and increases the levels of natural collagen, also contribute greatly to minimizing the remains of scars. of the application of different combinations of elements by cutaneous and subcutaneous route.

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