Recover your lost teeth with the All on Four technique

Written by: José María Micó Llorens
Published: | Updated: 04/11/2018
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In less than 24 hours, a patient can regain their smile through placing 4 implants in one jaw.

In the technique usually 4 All on Four dental implants are placed in one jaw and measures are taken at the same time to send the job to the laboratory. In less than 24 hours a fixed prosthesis on implants is drawn up, restoring masticatory, phonation and aesthetic function the patient almost immediately.


The solution to tooth loss

A patient who has lost a tooth will be affected in the pleasure of enjoying your favorite food. Even in extreme cases, it will be difficult to smile spontaneously, which may impair their personal relationships. In addition, the change in facial physiognomy person loses bone as a result of the absence of teeth and, in many cases, appear much older than it really is.

But the All on Four treatment is fast and convenient, as it avoids using prosthesis removed and replaced, so the patient can regain their quality of life, his smile and confidence in a short space of time.


Can I have a treatment All on Four?

It is essential to make a good medical history to see the diseases suffered by the patient and the medication you take, as well as allergies and surgical interventions that have been subjected to throughout its life. In this way we will know whether to change the medication before starting treatment.

In Nucía Clinic bet clearly by digital technology, so orthopantomography, which is the basic general radiography scan the patient's mouth will be held. In most cases, a 3D scanner is also done in consultation, permitra view and reconstruct the shape of his jaw and jaw in the 3 planes.

With this information, you can accurately plan the treatment plan with the number, size and location of each of the implants needed to carry out the treatment successfully.

For those patients who have lost a tooth, it is advisable to go to the dentist as soon as possible to make a first visit. Thus, professionals can finally give a satisfactory solution to a major problem and thus restore the quality of life lost long ago.

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 José María Micó Llorens

By José María Micó Llorens

Dr. Mico is specialized dentist who has over 15 years practicing their profession by offering the highest quality to patients in oral surgery, implants and dentures in their offices in La Nucia (Alicante, Benidorm) and Manises (Valencia). He has participated in numerous conferences and lectures, and is dictating courses of surgery and implantology. His academic and professional background makes him a first-rate doctor.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection