Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

Written by: Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
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At what point you can perform breast reconstruction after breast cancer?

Breast reconstruction Breast reconstruction can be done in two stages after surgery to remove breast cancer:

  • Immediately (immediate breast reconstruction)
  • Months-years later (delayed breast reconstruction).

The right thing, according to specialists in plastic surgery , you do it immediately since it is proven that does not compromise other treatments that may need a breast cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Besides not alter the treatment of breast cancer, should be performed immediately have the psychological benefit in women to not be "amputated".


It is advisable? ¿Carries some risk?

I dare say that breast reconstruction after breast cancer more than recommended should be mandatory. There are numerous studies showing the psychological benefit is achieved with reconstruction.

We now know very well the importance of a good psychological condition for the proper functioning of our immune system at the stage of chemotherapy. Therefore, it is highly recommended. Indeed it is not a simple procedure, and may have some complications, but if done with the right specialist will be minimized to a minimum, and therefore it is more than likely do it.


What techniques exist to perform this procedure?

There are basically two techniques for breast reconstruction:

  • The most widespread reconstruction is the reconstruction with breast implants. Currently we have anatomical implants, ie breast shape, so you can give shape to the breast need to achieve greater symmetry.
  • With autologous or own tissues, which includes two techniques: vascular flaps or lipofilling.

Vascular flaps are used especially when there is a skin defect, that is, there is not enough skin, but are also a great choice when flaccid discreetly breast implant occurs or is rejected. Instead, lipofilling more often used as a supplement, it is difficult to remake a single breast fat.


How long is the procedure?

Everything will depend on what the technique used. A reconstruction with implants often requires 2-3 hours and with a free flap reconstruction 6-8 hours.


What follow-up should be done?

Monitoring to be performed is the same as operated in a woman with breast cancer, that is, the same controls be implemented, this should not be altered by any. Indeed 2-3 weeks after rebuilding your plastic surgeon will also check the satisfactory progress of reconstruction.

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Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte

By Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
Plastic surgery

Dr. García-Guilarte is a leading plastic surgeon. Currently, he has a private practice dedicated especially to facial cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction surgery, offering patients the most innovative techniques to achieve greater effectiveness and safety, the most natural results. His career makes him a doctor of first level, as has also participated in numerous conferences and symposia worldwide. His teaching vocation also puts you as the author of various national and international publications, including the two major journals in his specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (Am) and Journal of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (Eu).

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