Recommendations for fluid retention

Written by: Dra. Raquel Nogués Boqueras
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Fluid retention is a common problem throughout the population, although it affects women more than men and, in most cases, there is no reason for underlying disease. But you have to be careful, the fluid retention causes edema .

When it is a "benign" retention, it is usually located in the legs and is more pronounced in times of heat, when symptoms such as cramps, weakness, increased leg and ankle volume, weight gain, general malaise, increase. heaviness. This heaviness in the legs noticed by people with fluid retention is due to the fact that there can be a significant accumulation of fluid in the legs, up to 2 liters or more, which also explains the weight gain.

If you have this problem, think that the most frequent causes are a bad diet , a sedentary lifestyle , hormonal changes (menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy) and the consumption of certain drugs (contraceptives, anti-inflammatories). We can not forget that these edemas in the legs can also be the first manifestation of a renal, cardiac or hepatic disease, so that as a general rule you have to go to the doctor when the recommendations that we give below are not resolved edema.


The basic rules you must follow if you have fluid retention are:

- Reduce the consumption of salt : abstain from salt or use little when preparing food and avoid those that contain it in themselves such as preserves, ready meals, cheeses, sausages, smoked, mineral water with gas ...

- Hydrate well: drink plenty of water, although it seems a contradiction, the more liquid we drink, the easier it is for the kidney to eliminate the ingested liquid. In addition to water it is advisable to take infusions that are diuretic and thus promote the elimination of liquids such as those prepared with olive leaves, dandelion, horsetail, dill, parsley, chicory, consommés based on onion, leeks, artichoke ...

- Move the legs: we are a sedentary society, we spend hours in front of the computer, favoring the retention of liquids. If this is your case, get up and walk 5 minutes every hour, if it is not possible even if you are seated, do as if you were pedaling so that the muscles of the legs pump blood towards the heart. You also have to incorporate physical activity into your daily life: go up and down stairs, go as much as possible, go swimming ... in a few words: move your legs.

- Other recommendations: avoid wearing tight clothes, wearing a belt while sitting, stockings or socks that will squeeze you .... And you'll feel better if you sleep seven or eight hours a day and you do it with your legs somewhat elevated.

If these recommendations do not improve, go to your doctor to advise you about the cause of this fluid retention and what is the most appropriate treatment. You should not take diuretics on your own .


Example of menu


Toast with fresh cheese

1 piece of fruit

1 green tea



Skim yogurt with oats

1 infusion of horsetail and María Luisa



Spinach salad with raisins and pine nuts

Grilled hake trunk with wild rice

Dessert: strawberries with orange juice



1 infusion of dill and mint (serve cold with mint leaves)

1 roasted apple



Tomato soup

Onion omelette

Dessert: 1 yogurt skimmed with honey



You can take bread with meals.

When cooking or preparing food, the salt will be replaced by aromatic herbs, pepper, lemon or any other species that you like.

If you have trouble drinking water, finish the meals with an abundant infusion.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Raquel Nogués Boqueras
Nutrition & Dietetics

Eminence specialty is doctorada to rate Cum Laude, and is responsible for the Nutrition Unit Teknon Medical Center since more than 15 years. With international prestige, has published several books, is part of several scientific societies and is usually consulted in media.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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