Realities and myths of sports nutrition

Written by: Gloria Tamayo
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Nutritional planning always takes into account the type of work being performed sports and objectives sought. The guidelines, therefore, will not be the same for a marathon that for a weightlifter. On the latter, we often have the image of the nutritional supplements that are taken once made ​​hypertrophy exercising in the gym. Ingestion of if is not a health risk if justified and well scheduled, although it should be clear that at no time REPLACED nutritional supplements to healthy eating.

Chicken and Rice: nutritional deficit

We have a very strong belief that more protein intake, more muscle synthesis, which leads us to consume high amounts of foods such as pasta, rice and chicken.

However, the body has a limit to the use of the protein you eat, and consume more than necessary can mean an extra metabolic burden on the body. A feed based largely on these foods makes deprive our bodies of other nutrients that are also essential.

Train fasted

The purpose of conducting the train passes through fasting to get a physiological adaptation to lose weight. What is sought in these cases is the use as an energy source of intramuscular fatty acids maintaining levels of blood glucose and muscle glycogen. However, it can lead to health problems as dizziness, weakness or fainting in untrained. In addition, this strategy does not allow for physical activity at high intensities.

For breakfast before sports practice we must consider three points: do it with time, ingesting amount enough to not feel neither full nor end the feeling of still have hungry, and take into account the quality choosing the foods we feel better and do not prevent us practice. The classic is to choose low-fat foods and avoid those integrals or that irritate the intestinal mucosa, such as coffee.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Gloria Tamayo

By Gloria Tamayo
Nutrition & Dietetics

Apart from exercising in the company 's own tasks, Gloria Tamayo works in the weekly section of OndaCero nutrition as well as in local scope radios or written media as the magazine Men&rsquo, s Health, among others. Parallel, is responsible for corporate blogs Menja sa: sa blog Menja and The Consultation Menja sa, with this last winner of the best blog“cuisine, gastronomy and oenology&rdquo ;.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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