Intraoperative radiotherapy: a pioneering treatment for breast cancer

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The IMOR Institute, a medical center in Barcelona specialized in brachytherapy and oncorradiotherapy, was the first in the peninsula to apply intraoperative radiotherapy with INTABEAM® technology to a patient affected by breast cancer.. This technique allows to treat with accuracy the area where there is a higher risk of the cancer reproducing and presents diverse physical and psychological advantages for the patients.

Novel technique in Spain

The intervention took place last March and was made to an icdsalud patient of Clínica del Pilar, with technology INTABEAM® Zeiss System, an innovative low-energy X-ray equipment, whose implantation in Spain is novel, although it has been years it is routinely used in other countries in Europe. The international research group Targit has studied this method of administering radiotherapy for breast cancer since 1998, and the results of the trial show that the total number of recurrences is very low.



Treatment characteristics

Unlike other treatments, it stands out because radiation is applied directly in a tumor bed, to open tissue, at the time of surgery after removing the tumor. For this reason it has advantages in effectiveness and accuracy, since it allows to treat with precision the area where there is a greater risk of the cancer reproducing, with a depth of between 1 and 2 cm and without damaging the adjacent healthy tissue.

Fast recovery

Applying intraoperative radiotherapy can reduce the radiation time after the usual, which is usually six weeks. Even in the case of patients with a low risk profile, it can be suppressed. Also, the application of this technique has advantages for patients in the physical and psychological aspects, and also has advantages in terms of saving time and costs, since it decreases the number of trips to the hospital.

Reference center

The Institut IMOR is a reference center in oncological treatments. Apart from intraoperative radiotherapy, it is a pioneer in Spain in techniques such as image-guided radiotherapy or brachytherapy. Serves a number of foreign patients through Barcelona Medical Center (BCM). Dr. Benjamin Guix, specialist in radiotherapy, is its director. He has published more than 200 articles and more than twenty books on the specialty. He has been widely recognized by the profession with awards such as: Award of the American Society of Brachytherapy (ABS) 2009, Award of the European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) 2007 and International Prize of Brachytherapy (ASTRO) 2000, among others.


Visit the profile of the IMOR Institute ( ) and Dr. Benjamín Guix ( )


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