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Written by: Dr. Gilberto Chechile Toniolo
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What factors led to the establishment of the institute?

Medical Technology Institute opened in March 2001. Personally, he took 18 years working in a public school in Barcelona, ​​which allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of urology and new challenges began with the rapid incorporation of new technologies to specialty. Although the project was initially individually, quickly he materialized and became group with the incorporation of other urologists and other related disciplines, such as nephrology, andrology, psychology, physiotherapy.

What technologies or surgical techniques were initially incorporated?

From the first moment we realized that the technologies were advancing toward the little aggressive treatments. However, cure rates should be similar or superior to surgery in the case of cancers, or solving the problem with minimal complications if it is non-malignant diseases, such as benign enlargement of the prostate, urolithiasis ( calculations) or urinary incontinence in women and men. Therefore, since 2003-and we do not trust equivocamos- in brachytherapy for prostate cancer and laparoscopic surgery for cancers of the kidney, bladder or prostate. We were the first center in Spain to carry out the management of prostate cancer with brachytherapy real-time dynamic. Since 2003 we have treated 400 patients with brachytherapy little aggressive prostate cancer with a healing rate of close to 90%, slightly higher than the treatment of these tumors with surgery, which is approximately 85%.

In 2003 we also started treatments prostate laser, when most urologists considered it a technique that could never replace TURP with electrocautery. Today, after 13 years of experience with laser and continuous evolution towards new devices increasingly powerful, the prostate vaporresection laser Thullium 200W is a technique that allows us to treat little aggressively (through the urethra) and with an income less than 24 hours, patients with prostates larger than 200 grams. If this procedure is done with open surgery it requires at least five days in hospital and a month of recovery. In addition, no blood transfusions are needed and there is no risk of sexual impotence.

In 2003 we installed in the Nostra Senyora del Remei Clinic the first lithotripter shock waves for gentle treatment of urinary calculi. We renew three years ago by the new model with more features and have installed a new lithotripter in the Cima Hospital Sanitas. In addition, for patients who can not be treated with lithotripsy we incorporate external rigid and flexible ureteroscopes that allow us to reach the calculations and destroy them, either with pneumatic lithotripter or the laser Thullium fine fibers of 200 microns. With this laser you get through flexible ureteroscope into the kidney.

Between 2003 and 2004 incorporate services Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Physiotherapy Unit treats urinary incontinence occurring in men after surgical treatment of prostate disease in women and urinary incontinence, which occurs frequently in menopause. In the Clinical Psychology is evaluated and various related or psychological problems urology (surgery, cancer, life crises) and Andrology (different sexual dysfunctions) are treated.


What have been the last projects developed by the Technology Medical Institute?

In recent years we have launched a consultation of urology at the Salus Clinic Banyoles and the Can Mora de Sant Cugat Medical Center, with the aim of offering our services in those cities and to prevent displacement of our patients to Barcelona.

Sexual Medicine Unit for diagnosis and treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction was recently created. In this unit we have the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction, such as treatment with electromagnetic waves which improves irrigation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. This treatment developed in the eighties for the destruction of urinary calculi is currently used not only to improve sexual impotence, but for a large number of orthopedic disorders and sports medicine. When these waves are low energy produce decreased pain (analgesia); at moderate doses they are anti-inflammatory and activate the mechanisms of tissue repair. Also they stimulate the creation of new blood vessels and tissue regeneration. At high doses destroy calcifications, such as calcific tendonitis in, so avoiding surgeries. In the Technology Medical Institute we have a unit for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and sports medicine that uses this innovative technology.

In recent months we have opened a new monograph institute to treat prostate disease: Prostate Institute Corachán Barcelona in Barcelona Clinic.

On the other hand, through our international web www.prostatebarcelona. com in several languages ​​(English, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) we provide information about urological conditions and the less aggressive treatments we offer.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Gilberto Chechile Toniolo

Dr. Chechile has over 30 years of experience practicing in centers of excellence. It is one of the leading specialists in the treatment of prostate cancer using brachytherapy and currently heads the Technology Medical Institute.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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