Causes and treatment of asthma

Who gets asthma?

Written by: Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
Published: | Updated: 15/08/2018
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Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi that is clinically manifested by cough and dyspnea and bronchospasm airflow variability. It can affect anyone but the most exposed are smokers.


What is asthma?

explanation asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi that is clinically manifested by cough and dyspnea and bronchospasm airflow variability. S and can be detected in the laboratory from:

  • Bronchial hyperreactivity, either by a positive test for bronchodilator or bronchoconstriction test positive, typically with methacholine.
  • With higher peak flow variability of 20% after inhaled beta2 andrenergic or perform a stress test.


Do not confuse asthma with pseudoasma, which is the airflow obstruction but in the larynx. This is manifested by dyspnea and inspiratory predominance cough. Although both conditions may coexist in the same patient.

For now it is unknown whether the comorbidities that accompany asthma can affect the course of asthma or induce, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngeal dysfunction or gastroesophageal reflux.


Causes of asthma

Asthma can affect anyone, even those who have more chances of them are smokers.

In general, it affects two types of general population: allergic allergic basis without basis. The former tend to be younger while the latter are adults prone to sinus infections and bronchopulmonary, chronic cough and gastroesophageal reflux.

In each asthmatic patient a thorough study of the causes that motivate and comorbidities present necessary.


Asthma Treatment

It is considered that the cure of asthma is the disappearance of their symptoms. When asthma appears early in life can achieve a cure in almost 90% through the monitoring of treatment. However, the presence of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in more than 50% of allergic asthmatics without base may persist lifelong. This monitoring conditions respiratory tract infections and inhalations to the patient undergoes, whether labor, snuff or smoke aerosols from the digestive tract, are a priority at the time of effective long-term monitoring of asthma.

According to specialists in Pneumology , asthma is not contagious, however, atopic state is a hereditary prime factor in the study and treatment of asthma.

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By Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
Pulmonary Disease

Famous medical specialist pulmonologist asthma and chronic cough. Spanish doctor proposed only as a member to the Committee of Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Cough in the ERS (European Respiratory Society). He is the founder and head of the Unit for asthma and cough unwieldy Ramon y Cajal Hospital with more than 400 patients seen notarized.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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