Sunburn and skin disorders

Written by: Dra. Ana Gimenez Arnau
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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The sun is harmful to our skin but we can not give it up either as it provides us with a necessary dose of Vitamin D. The key is prevention, protecting our skin before exposure with the appropriate sun creams.

The sun radiates several types of radiation such as heat, ultraviolet light of type A, B and C, and not everything that radiates has the same degree of danger. What is clear is that there are people who are much more sensitive to having problems with sunlight because they are poorly protected from the sun or because they are very white skin and have phototypes one or two, light eyes or are blond or redhead. People who have a very pale skin color are more sensitive to being able to burn. The sun what it does is help the skin to age before hours, whether you are white or brown, and in the long run is one of the factors that causes accelerated skin aging and, therefore, favors skin cancer.

The sun in excess is not good but, we also need to go outside because we need the skin to synthesize vitamin D. The dangerousness of the sun that people know, has nothing to do with allergies and rashes, but with cancer and aging of the skin.


Prevent sunburn

A sunburn is a burn, therefore, it must be treated as a first degree burn, sometimes even in the second degree. The important thing is prevention and avoid burns, but once it has burned, then you should do the treatment of burns with anti-inflammatories, certain creams, etc.. So that a person does not burn, he has to adapt the sunscreen filter to the type of skin he has. A person with very white skin, so as not to burn himself, must use a filter with a high sun protection factor of 30 or more.. However, a very dark person of skin does not need such a high protection factor.


Urticaria or burn?

The way to differentiate a burn or hives from exposure to the sun is to analyze the affected area. Both solar urticaria and light polymorphous rash itch a lot but do not hurt. On the other hand, a burn of the skin can cause blisters that detach, that is, it is painful.

The treatment for rashes is different from that of burns. When a person has a solar urticaria or a light polymorphous eruption, the first thing to do is to avoid exposing themselves to the sun or exposing themselves with high protective filters.. There is a technique to avoid solar flares that consists of helping the person to get dark. When a person acquires pigmentation, these eruptions of sun intolerance, sometimes, stop coming out. To make a treatment of tolerance to sunlight, antihistamines and sunscreens have to be used.


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By Dra. Ana Gimenez Arnau

Dermatologist with extensive experience, known for its interest in clinical and basic research of hives and all types as well as eczema and all its subtypes. Expert on treatments for acne and sun allergies, including skin reactions. However, Dr. Ana Giménez-Arnau likes to be presented mainly as a professional who spends most time with patients in daily practice in an attempt to relieve skin diseases and improve their quality of life.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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