¿Qué son las incrustaciones dentales? Indicaciones y ventajas

Written by: Laura Ceballos García
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Various reasons can lead to tooth loss, but when it is an aggressive loss can only be solved with dental inlays. The Mrs. Ceballos, expert in Dentistry and Stomatology , talks about the reasons why dental inlays are used.


Dental incrustations are very small portions of restorative material, which are used to restore parts of teeth that have been lost.


These incrustations are applied when there is a significant level of dental loss that can not be restored with composite or the seals that are made in less serious cases. This treatment is more conservative than a dental crown, but it is an alternative that is recommended very frequently to patients.

Dental inlays are aimed at replacing lost tooth parts.


Dental incrustations are usually caused in large part by large cavities, by major fractures or by a previous restoration in defective situation to be replaced.


The dental incrustations allow to reproduce the morphology of the tooth perfectly, which allows the aesthetic result to be very good. The materials with which the incrustations are made do not wear out and does not require the removal of healthy tissue, as it is a minimally invasive treatment.


In Ciro Clinic all this process is done digitally, from the impression of the mouth of the patient, to the design and processing of the restoration. For 40 years, the clinic has been working with a laboratory exclusively for them, which allows a joint assessment of the patient to obtain an excellent final prosthetic result. In the first visit the impressions are made with a digital scan. Subsequently, the design of the restoration is carried out using the CAD / CAM system and printed. In the second visit the incrustation is placed, and the bite, the comfort and the esthetic result are checked.

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By Laura Ceballos García

Laura Ceballos graduated in Dentistry from the University of Granada. Specializing in conservative dentistry, Ceballos currently holds the Ciro Clinic in Madrid. Specializing in the field of higher education, currently the Head of Pathology and Dental Therapeutics Professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, which has been tied after collaborating or co-directing several Degrees. 2015 was the President of the Spanish Society of Dentistry, an organization that had previously vice-chaired. Since 2016 it is accredited by the ANECA to serve as Professor.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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