What is the relationship between chronic cough and cold?

Written by: Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
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Specialists Pneumology define chronic cough as one that is daily, with a duration of more than 8 weeks. Currently it handled under the hypersensitivity syndrome of chronic cough due to the recent finding that the numerous stimuli can trigger: perfumes, strong odors, temperature changes or just talk. Most times the chronic cough accompanied by symptoms associated features located in the throat, such as itching, tingling, hoarseness, and feeling stuck in throat mucus etc.

chronic cough

Relationship of chronic cough with catarrh

Colds are inflammatory conditions of both upper airway, throat and nasal passages, such as lower airway, trachea and bronchi. Patients suffering from chronic cough very often claim to have more colds than usual, two or more per year, and more durable, more than a week, and they also say that their chronic cough then becomes continuous and annoying, with accompanying symptoms very often directed at the area as itching throat, hoarseness, inability to cough by clogged mucus, cough symptom being perhaps more present.

Having chronic cough one of its basic peripheral stimuli in both upper and lower airway, it is not surprising that the patient has other symptoms that show the origin of it, many times in the gastroesophageal reflux reached via upper airway, laryngopharyngeal reflux with throat symptoms referred to above, which are "chronified" and remain after start condition catarrhal, often mediated by a virus.


Causes of chronic cough cold

The causes of chronic cough and colds of repetition may originate in an addition of inflammatory agents such as: viral, allergens and components reflux reaching airway. From this set often depends on the course of colds in both intensity and duration, and it is not uncommon to treat reflux can be corrected colds, then mentioning the patient fewer and milder intensity.


Chronic cough beyond the cold

Chronic cough may remain after a cold and persistent symptoms, reflecting in such cases an atopic background of the patient, ie a pre airway inflammation of allergic basis but little symptomatic. It can also be due to background presence of gastroesophageal reflux is now speculated that may be due, as in the beginning, a viral infection of the neural pathway of aero-digestive tract facilitating dysfunction thereof and therefore more reflux than usual, perpetuating the cycle of chronic reflux-cough.


Consequences of chronic cough

Chronic cough can turn into a more chronic inflammation larynx level caused by two factors:

  • The mechanical effect of percussion effect of coughing on the delicate tissues of the upper airway.
  • The effect on gastric juices larynx, which additively, can condition laryngeal nerve dysfunction, neurogenic call now coughing, difficult to treat because laryngeal rehabilitation require a slow and strict antireflux therapy.
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By Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
Pulmonary Disease

Famous medical specialist pulmonologist asthma and chronic cough. Spanish doctor proposed only as a member to the Committee of Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Cough in the ERS (European Respiratory Society). He is the founder and head of the Unit for asthma and cough unwieldy Ramon y Cajal Hospital with more than 400 patients seen notarized.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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