What to know about Rhinoplasty

Written by: Dr. Samuel Benarroch
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

The specialty of Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics occupies a very important place within the surgical practice of medical excellence at international level, hence the need to entrust their face only to those specialists who have trained and received specialized training in the face.


The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Facial has dedicated a minimum of 7 years only to the study of the face. Therefore, it must be able to perform bone modeling, changes in the shape of the supporting structures, restore and beautify the hard tissues of the facial bone skeleton.


Our formula of naturalness is very simple: restore and beautify the support of skin and muscles ... the facial skeleton.


The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon specializing in Facial Aesthetics is surely the Specialist Physician with the best training in the area.


Our Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetic Unit offers you the possibility of a new and improved approach to facial surgery.


Who can benefit from Rhinoplasty

With rhinoplasty you get the beautification of the nose

All patients with facial nasal disproportion, ie, the nose may appear as small or large on the face, prominent nasal hump or dorsum, narrow or poorly defined tip, broad nose, asymmetrical, also those patients who have suffered trauma or an anterior nose surgery (Rhinoplasty Secondary).


Often anatomical problems are associated with functional problems, which may manifest as respiratory difficulties or as inflammatory problems (allergies).


Applications of Rhinoplasty

With Rhinoplasty, the beautification of the nose is achieved, from the front and the profile, achieving a harmony and improving the facial balance; the shape and size of the nose can be dramatically modified, the tip of the nose raised and honed, the width of the base decreased, the corrected naso labial angle. You can also correct birth defects or those caused by trauma or previous surgery (Reconstruction of the Nasal Back).


Comments about Rhinoplasty

The surgery of the nose is the surgical procedure of the face that more is realized at world-wide level, existing different techniques, from a basic rhinoplasty to a rhinoseptoplasty, technique used in those patients with functional problems.


The nose is a very complex structure, and rhinoplasty is perhaps one of the most difficult surgical techniques to perform since it requires, besides an excellent surgical preparation by the surgeon, an artistic touch that will be decisive when evaluating the results .


It is very important that you understand that many times nasal disharmonies are accompanied by other disharmonies (associated negative characteristics), the nose may be the dominant negative characteristic, so it may be recommended other types of procedures that will improve the balance of your face, obtaining magnificent and natural results.




Like all surgery, rhinoplasty has its limitations and you must understand that to meet your demands you may require second interventions (retouching), many of them non-surgical. The chin and cheekbones should be analyzed together in the nose, and you should also understand that with age the soft and bony tissues change and change their position, so the techniques should seek long-term stability, remember that your face it's forever. Joint surgery of the nose and chin, structures that make up the face profile, provides excellent results.


The Clinical Unit Benarroch offers the latest advances in the control of pre and post-surgical anxiety, the use of new analgesics for the management and control of intra and postoperative pain. Also, and to make your decision to have surgery more comfortable, we offer the technique of oral sedation conscious, 100% safe and 100% effective, proposed and presented internationally by me.


One of the major advances in Medicine and Facial Surgery has been the incorporation of techniques for the control of anxiety, pain control and oral sedation.

Ideal patient for surgical procedures

  • Good health conditions
  • Emotional and psychological stability
  • Non smoker
  • Well informed about the risks and benefits of surgery
  • Have real expectations


The above is only a partial list of the criteria we will consider when recommending this procedure.


Risks and Limitations of Rhinoplasty

Facial stretching is a surgical procedure, subject to all possible complications associated with surgery (bleeding, infections, edema, sensory and motor abnormalities, bruises, etc.). The only way to minimize and avoid these complications is to follow the pre- and post-surgical recommendations that we will tell you.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Samuel Benarroch
Aesthetic Medicine

The outstanding Dr. Benarroch is a specialist in Facial Aesthetic Surgery. His training has been mainly in America, culminating his professional profile in Spain. With more than a decade of experience, he currently heads the Benarroch Clinic Unit.

He has taught multiple continuing education courses, is the author of 2 books and has presented more than 54 communications, conferences and scientific publications. He has various awards and is a member of different associations and societies, both national and international.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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