What is capsular contracture and how we use ?

Written by: Dr. Pietro Mulas
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The capsule is a coating around the body creates a breast prosthesis. This process is completely normal, but ocasones, the layer thickens the body creates and hit the implant, which is known as capsular contracture.

When we place an implant, be a breast prosthesis, hip or knee, the body creates a coating around. In the breast enlargement or breast reconstruction This process is called“capsule”. It is a completely normal phenomenon that occurs in all patients and all kinds of prostheses, as is the natural reaction of the organism to a foreign body.

In normal situations, this layer is very thin, but in some women, this capsule tends to thicken and tighten the implant. No reasons are still unknown, but this process is known as capsular contracture and classified into four grades:

1. In a first degree, the breast is soft and the result is natural. All women who wear dentures have at least this degree, since in all a capsule is formed.

2. In the grade two the breast is a little firm but is still seen natural, since there is a minimal capsular contracture not even require treatment.

3. For a third degree, chest this firm and shape is somewhat distorted because the implant is being squeezed, usually up and taking on a round shape.

4. In the grade-four of capsular contracture appearance of degree three is accompanied by discomfort and pain because of the progressive hardening of the capsule.

Although the causes of the capsular contracture are unclear, there are some factors that seem related more risk, such as bacterial contamination of the implant shell, infections, hematomas and seromas an inflammatory reaction that is verified by the organism. L' use of smooth prosthesis or placed above the pectoral muscle, ie in subglandular position also has a higher risk of capsular contracture.


First, it is important to know that is not the prosthesis which gets hard, because if we get it, we noticed this as smooth as when I was placed, it is the capsule that is created around you hardens. The prosthesis is an inert material.

Second, the capsular contracture alone can not break the prosthesis, because the pressure is exerted evenly over it. On the other hand, there is an increase risk of breast cancer because it affects the mammary gland.

In addition, only a small percentage of women who wear dentures develop capsular contracture grade three or four, the only cases in which surgery is needed.

In the case of need, it will affect as was done in the previous intervention and all or part of the capsule is eliminated and the implant is replaced by a new one. If you have placed in subglandular position, it is advisable to change it to subpectoral. In short, it is starting from scratch the formation of a capsule and is very uncommon for patients to return to develop a capsular contracture after this second intervention.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Pietro Mulas

By Dr. Pietro Mulas
Plastic surgery

Graduated from the University of Sassari (Italy ) with the maximum note, Dr. Pietro Mulas is an expert plastic surgeon in breast surgery. He works as a doctor in Plastic Clinic with Dr.. Ester Garcia Andres. Complement your training courses with multiple breast, facial and body contouring at national and international level (Milan, Rome, London ) cosmetic surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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