What is Innowalk ?

Written by: Dr. Pedro De León Molinari
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The Innowalk is a technique that allows motorized helps people with a physical disability an assisted in standing up (walking on the two lower limbs) as well as a pedal assist in the sitting position ( remain seated of autonomously ).

The Innowalk allows a more active standing, providing mobility of active-assisted legs imitating the pattern of reciprocal running and getting a full stretch of the lower extremities. Thus, favors strengthening the antigravity muscles, elongation of the flexor muscles and the internalization of a patron correct way.

When the user is able to move his legs by itself, the Innowalk lets you perform the movement, while in other cases, the machine performs the actual movement and the movement accompanies user just activating your muscles. Nor is it necessary to insist that make active work, as the purpose of Innowalk is to stretch the posterior muscle chain and help internalize the correct pattern of motion.

therapeutic effects that provides the Innowalk vary greatly from one person to another. It simply offers the possibility of experiencing some individuals standing for short periods of time, while others facilitates learning an autonomous way.

To all of them facilitates, through active standing:

• The regulation of postural tone

• The prevention of contractures and muscle-tendon contractures

• The prevention of osteoporosis and pathological fractures

• The improvement of cardiorespiratory function

• Improved coordination and balance in general

• The prevention of pressure ulcers

• Improved renal function and bladder

• The regulation of intestinal pattern

• Increased self-esteem

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By Dr. Pedro De León Molinari

Dr. Pedro de Leon Molinari specializes in pediatrics and has a long experience in this sector. Author of more than a hundred publications, has been a pediatrician at the University Hospital of Navarra. Currently he devotes his career in Integral, pioneer in Andalusia center which has a private drive focused on the treatment of childhood and adult ADHD Support of Pediatrics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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