What is the difference between a spontaneous abortion and abortion repeat?

Written by: Dr. Miguel Dolz Arroyo
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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As experts say in assisted reproduction , a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage it is one that occurs involuntarily. The main cause of this type of abortions is fetal death. It is known as repeat abortion when there have been at least two or three spontaneous abortions in the same person.


An early abortion, that is, which occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, is relatively common. But having more than one spontaneous abortion may mean that there is an underlying problem that needs to individuate diagnose and treat.

An abortion is considered when the embryo does not grow or when the heartbeat stops observed. One symptom indicating that there was an abortion is vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain. However, it is often possible that the abortions do not cause any symptoms and are diagnosed only during a routine check.


Causes of abortion

There are different causes of abortion. One of the most common is the formation errors in the genetic material of the new cells or alterations in blood coagulability. Other causes include hormonal abnormalities, problems at the level of the uterus or an altered immune response of the body of the woman. Therefore, when a spontaneous abortion occurs it is necessary to conduct a study of the situation.


Consequences of abortion

An abortion usually does not cause physical consequences on women, yet it can cause major psychological consequences for the couple. Therefore, we have to find out the medical causes that have brought is a psychological support necessary to help the couple to face this trance.


How to avoid abortion?

In order to avoid an abortion, the key is to know the possible causes that lead and detect in patients. To do so, it may be necessary to perform a surgical correction, administered anticoagulants or perform hormonal treatment, among others.

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Dr. Miguel Dolz Arroyo

By Dr. Miguel Dolz Arroyo
Fertility Specialty

Dr. Miguel Dolz Arroyo is a leading specialized doctor in assisted reproduction and repeated failure of implantation. Founder of IVF Valencia, and graduated with a doctorate cum laude from the Faculty of Medicine of Valenica. His academic achievements and his long career have helped him to exert teaching in many places, and is also part of medical and scientific societies of national and international prestige. He is also a frequent speaker at various conferences and scientific meetings.

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