What you should know about child flat foot?

Written by: Dr. José Miguel García González
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Child flatfoot is the most common disease in children. We must point out that there are different types of this disease and with different backgrounds, forming lax flat foot the entity's seen and treated in childhood.

Children lax flat foot is an entity occurrence from three years of age, characterized by a loss greater or lesser extent, the internal arch of the foot.

This loss frequently coexists with hindfoot valgus (curvature in the back of the foot). Hence the name of child-valgus flat foot, the most accepted reason is the atrophy of the muscles of the foot inside currently unknown reasons.


Flatfoot clinical examination

The patient affected by this pathology reaches consultation generally referred by your pediatrician or by the mother, who appreciate that their child wears the shoe sole and deformed by the inner edge.

On examination, the expert Traumatology conduct an inspection of the foot with which he observed the plantar foot and mobility. Then the doctor will examine the feet with a podoscope, which provide more accurate information on the extent of plain, elasticity and structure of the foot. This fact is very important for the evolutionary forecast flatfoot.

As additional evidence is sufficient to hold a session of X-rays to measure the angle of Costa Bartani and verticalization of the talus.


Treatment of childhood flatfoot

Once the diagnosis is made, treatment is started recommending that parents teach children to walk with their feet on tiptoe at home, take them to the beach or the countryside for walking and strengthen foot muscles.

It is very important to monitor treatment scan every six months and go observing its evolution. If an improvement exercises is observed, guidelines should be started with orthotics to rest in summer, resulting in most cases improved flatfoot before eight.

There is a small percentage of these children who made despite treatment, their condition is not progressing well, and should be treated surgically at age eight. In this procedure a stent is implanted within the tarsus, which corrects the inclination obtaining a proper correction of flat feet and a good functional class.


Flat feet in adults

This condition occurs when the adult fails to correct flat feet in children, because the patient has not been treated or poor foot development. Treatment depends on the degree of disability which gives rise to pain in the patient, performing a pattern with custom made orthotics. If despite all this, the pain was very intense and result in a limitation on the go and would have to carry out a fusion of foot.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Miguel García González
Orthopaedic Surgery

The prestigious Dr. García González has been practicing as a specialist physician at Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery ince more than 30 years ago. During his long career he has been a professor at the University of Malaga and has participated in various conferences and national congresses. A oday is head of the Unit Pie in the Malagueño Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine (IMATDE), located in the CHIP Hospital of Malaga, and member of several companies Traumatology of regional and national level.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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