Psicooncología, a way to cope with cancer

Written by: Nuria Blanco Piñero
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Cancer raises fears and concerns related to pain, suffering and death. In this sense, the existing social prejudice is not always based on knowledge of the disease target. As a result, the experience that an individual may have before a cancer diagnosis often be influenced by subjective experiences and not always adjusted to the reality they have had or have people around. This will condition and may even get to determine the assessment made by the subject of his own situation.

Cancer usually understood as a global label that integrates all patients, regardless of the variability of diagnosis, treatment, consequences, sufferers and their own strengths and vulnerabilities. The reality is that every cancer patient is unique and can not and should not be compared with other, much suffering from the same tumor type or location.

So, who are diagnosed with cancer should assess your personal situation, in which the information professional who attends with his social and family environment and fears and combine own expectations. The patient then reach a conclusion that will decide the degree of injury, threat and / or danger that reports the situation and, on the other hand, if there is anything I can do to improve their situation and capacity of personal control. The conclusion arrives can lead to a situation of emotional destabilization. Already in this early stage of the disease, the psychologist can help, accompanying and facilitating the achievement of a good fit to the disease and treatments, helping to maintain proper mood and quality of life.

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 Nuria Blanco Piñero

By Nuria Blanco Piñero

Nuria Blanco Piñero has a degree in psychology, doctor with the qualification of Class Honours Cum Laude. He teaches as Associate Professor at the University of Seville. It has also trained in Behavior Therapy and Care for Dependent Caregiver. Title of European Psychotherapist Europsy

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection