PRX-T33:the first revitalizing treatment without needles

Written by: Dra. Natalia Ribé
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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The facial revitalization is a medico-aesthetic treatment is to prevent and improve the appearance of skin with amino acids that are infiltrated with microinjections into the grooves in the area of the face and neck. As a novelty, Dr.. Rossana Castellana, Italian dermatologist, has developed a new medical device biorevitalisation without needles, PRX-T33.

PRX-T33:¿Que es


This medical device, presented by Dr.. Natalia Ribe during the 30ºCongress of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, SEME, held in Malaga in February, is a new procedure of the known peeling based trichloroacetic acid (TCA ), which, thanks to the discovery of its combination with hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) very quickly penetrates into the dermis, by activating a regenerative process without damaging the epidermis.

The PRX-T33 combines the TCA ( trichloroacetic acid ) to 33 %-on the peelings-are supported with hydrogen peroxide. This fusion is the novelty of this treatment:The mechanism of action of hydrogen peroxide combined with TCA, minimizing the aggressive effects of peeling ( frost or exfoliation of the dermis), stimulating the dermis noninvasively


The PRX-T33 favors the stimulation of fibroblast growth factors without causing inflammation and damage the skin. In addition, this treatment can be performed in all seasons of the year, contrary to peeling, because it is not photosensitizing, and is suitable for all skin types.


Utilities of this treatment

1. This new protocol biorevitalisation without needles is indicated to combat sagging of facial and body tissues and act as cutaneous biorevitalizante improving the appearance of the skin without damaging it.

2. To eliminate stretch marks or melasma that women before and after pregnancy and chicken pox scars and acne appears to them in the form of large patches.

3. Also recommended for use as an adjunct to laser and radiofrequency treatments to enhance results.

4. Primary treatment for patients who undergo tinkering with mini-wire, vitamins and platelet rich plasma (PRP ), fillers, laser.

5. It is recommended in combination therapy, because the benefits of both therapies are promoted separately.


Advantages of PRX-T33 against mesotherapy

1. Noninvasive medical device.

2. Nonablative chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliate the epidermis.

3. It is absolutely painless.

4. Works great as a unique treatment and associated treatments, the results are enhanced

5. Not photosensitizer, which can be used even in summer.

6. The results are seen immediately.

7. After performing the treatment bruising or redness are not so the patient can lead a normal life.


Protocols to follow and prices


1. Prepare the skin with mild soap, rinse and dry well.

2. Amount of product:2 ml per area using PRX-Tɜɜ with manual massage or spatula


3. Conduct of 2-5 applications, average 3 in each zone ( massage the product strongly in ascending order until absorbed and observe a palpable or visible turgor ).

4. Wash the face with fresh water.

5. Apply moisturizer ( on request ).

6. From 24-48h:applying fluid“WiQO fluid Levigante” night, the skin hydrated and acidified. Then moisturizer (with a minimum half hour apart ) N

umber of sessions:3 to 5 sessions once a week


Price:from 200€/ Session.

-Body Treatment:

1. A similar pattern should be followed by facial. The only thing that varies is that only a cosmetic cream that incorporates glycolic used.

Number of sessions:3 to 5 sessions once a week


Price:from 250€/Session.



-Facial Cream 50ml for normal and combination skin:70€

-Facial Cream 50ml for ultra dry skin:70€

-Fluent glicemico 30 ml:70€-Body Cream 200ml:90€

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By Dra. Natalia Ribé
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Natalia Ribé has a high national and international prestige and is the Director and founder of the Institut Dra Natalia Ribé where the most innovative and current techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine are applied. With more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a consultant of the main medical laboratories and has received multiple awards, among which the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum stands out for her professional career.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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