Stress test, when to do it

Written by: Dr. Franchek Drobnic
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Stress Test A stress test is a testing of systems controlled and monitored adaptation to exercise.

The test involves walking on a treadmill or on a bicycle ergometer, evaluating the systems involved, lungs, heart, blood and metabolism.

Specialists Sports Medicine say that in order to undergo this diagnostic test is necessary that the patient has not made ​​a great effort in the previous 24 hours. Furthermore, it should be fasting two hours. If the patient is taking any medication, you should inform your doctor prior way for it tells you should stop taking the medication before undergoing the test.


When to perform a stress test

The main reason that a patient must undergo a stress test to rule is suffering from a pathology associated with exercise can affect your health. Another reason is to determine whether a subject with pathology can benefit and at what pace or intensity is more favorable.

However, the most common reason people a stress test is to sort guidelines which are accompanied by other sports hygienic measures assessed in the medical examination in order to improve health and performance are made.

Thanks to this test, diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, training deficits and fatigue states are diagnosed, among others.

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By Dr. Franchek Drobnic
Sports Medicine

Reference in Sports Medicine, Dr. Franchek Drobnic is the Head of Research Department High Performance Centre (CAR) of Sant Cugat del Valles. He is also a consultant in Sports Medicine at the medical service of FC Barcelona and specialist in Sports Medicine Unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona. She works as a teacher collaborator in the Medical School of Physical Education and Sport at the University of Barcelona. Throughout his career he has made several publications and has been awarded on several occasions, including the National Award for Research in Sports Medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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