Stress Test against sudden death

Written by: Dr. Joseba Barron Arniches
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Sudden death in the athlete Why is it produced?

Nowadays we already know that sport is the trigger of death, because the heart had an underlying pathology, that is, an athlete who dies doing sports, means that he was carrying a heart, or that he was training a heart with a pathology. Today we can detect these pathologies, not probably one hundred percent, but in a very high percentage. We have to see if by means of the electrocardiogram of rest, by means of the electrocardiogram of the effort test, or by means of other tests, such as DNA, to reach the conclusion what pathology this heart has and if we have the obligation to determine , because that athlete can play sports, but he does not have to do competitive sports.

What should we do as athletes?

The most important interest of all athletes is medical review, that is the most important. The medical examination consists of a resting electrocardiogram and an effort electrocardiogram. Then these two data, which then, we will talk a little more, will be the main part of the athlete, what the athlete has to do to be already fully aware of what limitations you have when doing sports , and what possibilities we have of doing it to the fullest.


The stress test, the resting electrocardiogram, hopefully the "OK", if you give us the "OK", we will have to carry out a regulated training, a training by means of pulsations, by means of power, in case of that we are doing bicycle. The thing is that we are perfectly controlled at the time of training, that we know what effort we have to make and also, by means of the electrocardiogram and the test of effort, we are able to perform that same effort.

Is a good resting electrocardiogram so vital?

The truth is that until now there have always been different research groups that had a series of opinions about the resting electrocardiogram, and other groups that thought it was not so important. The doctor. Collado and Dr. Basso, a series of doctors in Italy, have come to do research of 35 years of evolution where they have achieved that in a region, the Veneto region, all those between 12 and 35 years old, who would like to do some sport, had to have the resting electrocardiogram "OK". In those 35, from 25 to 35 years of analysis, they have managed to reduce sudden deaths practically to zero for every one hundred thousand inhabitants.

What is the importance of the stress test?

As I said, the stress test, once we have the resting electrocardiogram "OK", what will determine us is how much physical fitness we have. We are people who have a lot of substance, we have prepared very well, we lack strength, we lack power, we lack recovery, or otherwise, we have very little background, and yet there is a powerful anaerobic capacity, we have a very good response To short stimuli, we recover very well.. All things will determine the stress test.

What conclusion do we draw from the topic Doctor?

Well, as a conclusion I would say that it is vital, that at least one effort test per year for each athlete, even when the athlete trains in an already intense way, an effort test in each change of training group, in each change of system of training. I call them phases, because sometimes you are in the background phase, you pass to the resistance phase, we make an effort test, you pass to the speed phase, we make an effort test. That is, every three months, every three and a half months, if the athlete changes the training phase, an exercise test is convenient.

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By Dr. Joseba Barron Arniches
Sports Medicine

Dr. Barron is a leader in sports medicine in the Basque Country, as a medical specialist and as a personal trainer. He is also a veteran cyclist, champion of the Basque Country in the category master 40 in 2007 and champion in the time trial and individual test of the World Corporate Games that year. Specialized in improving cycling performance, it has designed a method to apply their experience and knowledge, PCP (Power - Cadence - Pulse), which relies on the physiognomy of each corridor.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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