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Written by: Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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Breast augmentation is one of the interventions of plastic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive most common. The choice of breast implant is a fundamental aspect in the final result, both in size and material and shape.

Anatomical breast implants look more natural looking breast, and present less risk of capsular contracture. To find out if the anatomical prosthesis is best suited to the needs and preferences of the patient, it must be in the hands of a good plastic surgeon, to report on the different types of prostheses and their characteristics.


More natural result with anatomical breast implants

silicone implant Contoured implants are those implants volume distributed looking obtain the shape of a natural breast, ie, that have greater volume and are more rounded in the lower half.

Commonly they are known as implants "teardrop" which is not entirely correct but serves as a reference shape.


Advantages and disadvantages of anatomical breast implants

These types of implants are best for those women who want a natural breast shape, ie the volume of your breasts respecting the natural form of the same is increased.

This is critical if increased a breast that has little volume, since the implant will determine the future shape the breast to the final volume achieved not by the previous breast implant but by the employee.


Choosing an anatomical breast prosthesis

anatomical prothesis The big problem with these implants lies in the indication of the correct implant. There are 12 different types of anatomical implants, so know the type specifically is needed in each case is essential for success in surgery is taken.

For this , the plastic surgeon must analyze the proportions of the breast, if predominates the height or width of the breast in particular and whether an expansion of the breast in its lower portion is needed to choose an implant with more or less projection.


Complications of anatomical breast implants

Complications of these implants are the same as those of the round, although the risk of rippling and capsular contracture is lower due to the higher roughness of these and be made ​​of gels greater cohesiveness.

The rippling effect is the appearance of visible lateral folds in breast and neck area, due to an insufficient amount of breast tissue to cover the implant. This rippling effect only has aesthetic consequences, but capsular contracture is more serious and can cause health problems.

These implants However, to avoid any complications, you must remain focused correctamen and give a proper way to the breast. Conversely, if they move they could deform the breast, which is known as a rotation of implants.

Therefore, to opt for this type of implant should be chosen gel implants stably, ie, they are not deformed, and by a plastic surgeon accustomed to using them .

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Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte

By Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
Plastic surgery

Dr. García-Guilarte is a leading plastic surgeon. Currently, he has a private practice dedicated especially to facial cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction surgery, offering patients the most innovative techniques to achieve greater effectiveness and safety, the most natural results. His career makes him a doctor of first level, as has also participated in numerous conferences and symposia worldwide. His teaching vocation also puts you as the author of various national and international publications, including the two major journals in his specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (Am) and Journal of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (Eu).

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