rectal prolapse

Written by: Dr. Doménico Fraccalvieri
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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Rectal prolapse is out throughout the year to the end of the large intestine. The amount of bowel prolapse depends on the severity of the disease, and injury can range from a few centimeters up to extreme cases in which the entire rectum may be outside the anus;If the prolapse is small it can be confused with hemorrhoids.

Symptoms may be different: some patients may have difficulty in evacuation or anorectal obstruction sensation referred to as anal plug;other patients manifest contamination or fecal incontinence, bleeding or pain while sitting, depending on the degree of prolapse.

Causes of rectal prolapse

The causes of this disease may be chronic constipation, prolonged efforts during defecation, weakness of the muscles of the perineum and anus by the stress of vaginal delivery, particularly in cases of difficult births, the physiological aging of the ligamentous structures restraint and muscle of the pelvic floor and neurological injury. However, in most patients, it is possible to identify more than one cause.

Treatment rectal prolapse

The rectal prolapse treated only with surgery. The type of operation depends on the size of the prolapsed bowel, age and general condition of the patient and the possible coexistence of other pathologies of pelvic floor.

The correction of prolapse can be performed from the anus and consists of complete resection of the rectum or rectal mucosal resection with plication of the underlying musculature;then the union of the rectum is the anus. In other cases, the intervention is carried out through the abdomen with laparoscopic surgery and is straight up from inside the pelvis and fixed at a higher level with the application of a reinforcing mesh.

There are no effective prevention measures: however, prevent or treat constipation helps eliminate one of the most common causes of rectal prolapse


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By Dr. Doménico Fraccalvieri
Colon & Rectal Surgery

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