Developmental problems in children's teeth

Written by: Dr. Gonzalo Facal Álvarez
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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Doctors Antonio Facal and Gonzalo Facal are specialists in Orthodontics and belong to Top Doctors. Next, we discuss their clinical Facal Orthodontics and treatments they make to children and adults.

My name is Antonio Garcia Facal, I am the first orthodontist established in Galicia and I did in the year 1971 in Vigo. Currently, we have a clinic dedicated to orthodontic treatment in both children and in adolescents and adults. Working with me for 15 years my son Gonzalo.


¿At what age can detect a problem in a child


The problems of development of the teeth of the face of a child can be detected at very early ages, even before 4 years. Generally the more important to see that something is wrong sign is seeing continuously breathing with mouth open, has a mouth breathing instead of breathing through the nose.


¿At what age can apply a treatment to a child


From 4 years old, the child is already working well to solve, especially, the problems tend to worsen. The sooner we treat them more effective and shorter will be the treatment.


¿? In a treatment consisting in a child

This is the child chew properly and can breathe through your nose without problems, then we must make a joint treatment between the orthodontist and ENT or allergist to breathe and chew properly. Thus his face went smoothly following their genetic pattern of growth.


¿As an orthodontic treatment is planned


In order to accurately plan orthodontic treatment either a teenager or an adult, it is important to know what the relationship between the articulation of the teeth and the jaw joint. We should be able to achieve the highest possible accuracy between the two joints.


¿, are the goals of orthodontic treatment


The objectives that we get at any orthodontic treatment are mainly:Function (at the level of the teeth and the jaw joint ), Health ( periodontal health of the teeth and joint health ), Aesthetics and very important stability of long-term treatment.


¿What is Orthognathic Surgery


When there is disharmony at the level of the bones of the jaw, maxillofacial surgeon, through the Orthognathic Surgery, we will help correct these desarmonias getting an ideal of the skeletal bases of the teeth position. We need a combined treatment between the orthodontist and Maxillofacial Surgeon, poniendonos according to plan a new position of the skeletal bases, modifying that currently exist.

They usually need to start orthodontic treatment prior to sort the teeth and enters the scene after the surgeon placing the skeletal bases in its normal position.

“In Facal Orthodontic Clinic will be happy to advise you of any problems in your mouth or your children”.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Gonzalo Facal Álvarez

By Dr. Gonzalo Facal Álvarez

Specialized dental practitioner in orthodontics and functional aesthetics of adolescent and adult, in the correction of the alterations and adult skeletal malformations and dysfunctions of the temporo-mandibular joint.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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