Child's first visit to the ophthalmologist

Written by: Dra. Gracia Castro de Luna
Edited by: Top Doctors®

It is important to visit the specialist in Ophthalmology from childhood to prevent possible complications Adult. It is therefore necessary to have some knowledge of ophthalmology in children.

When you start going to the ophthalmologist

It is recommended to start visiting specialist from 3 years with annual reviews if not suspect anything and there are no hereditary eye problems.

In the event that an abnormality is suspected, it is essential to take from the first day of birth.


How to tell if a child needs to go to the ophthalmologist

The main symptoms for which a child should go to a specialist in ophthalmology can be headache (headache), watery eyes, eyes that constantly rub or get too close to things.


Main reasons for children to go to the ophthalmologist

The main problem to prevent childhood is amblyopia or lazy eye. This condition may have multiple causes, so it should be treated by correcting the source, either by corrective eyeglasses or strabismus surgery, congenital cataract, among others, or covering with occluders patch the good eye to develop the vision of the amblyopic eye .

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Dra. Gracia Castro de Luna

By Dra. Gracia Castro de Luna

Dra. Castro de Luna is a renowned specialist in Ophthalmology has more than 20 years of experience. Graduated from the University of Granada, he has supplemented his studies in Medicine with Senior Management at several universities in Spain, and is currently medical director of the Institute of Vision Invision and Neurobia Neurobiological Research Institute, both in Almería. During his long career he has participated in several roundtables on equality and labor conciliation and in 2008 received an award by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Almería in recognition of the most innovative company run by women. In addition, he is an associate professor at the University of Almería, researcher at the Andalusian Research Plan (PAI) in Neurology and Neuro and founding member of the Spanish Association of Technology and Implant Surgery, Refractive and Corneal (ASETCIRC).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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