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Written by: Dr. Jesús Sierra Antiñolo
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What treatments with threads exist and what is each of them used for?

The threads are normally used to combat sagging, be it mild or moderate. There are many kinds of threads that are used today but the most important, those that have more history and the first ones that were used are the golden threads. The golden threads took me about 25 years putting them with really good results. Besides, when the golden threads arose, another type of threads emerged, such as the threads suitable or also called the Russian, the spring thread, the silouette and lately the PDO, the famous magic threads, which are polydioxanone. The golden thread consists of the introduction under the skin of sutures, which is not only gold, but contains the Maxon (polygluconate monofilament), contains white natural silk, and contains polioglycolic acid, and of course, gold. These threads must be mounted on one of them and we obtain at the end the four mounted threads: gold, silk, maxon and polioglycolic acid. With this we will build on the skin a mesh that will hold the skin. And the importance of these threads with respect to others is that their duration is very long in time, between six, eight or ten years, depending on the characteristics of the patient, the skin of the patient and their age.. Apart from these threads emerged other traction, more important as spring thread. These are the traction threads, they are threads that are serrated, siliconized and with Teflon, semi-elastic. And they are threads that will be drawn on the face to lift the face. Then we have the most commonly used threads now, which are very simple, which are called polydioxanone threads. These polydioxanone threads are reabsorbable, last from six to seven months, are mounted on a needle, the needle is inserted into the skin and when removing the needle the threads remain inside it.

What are the advantages of these treatments with threads compared to other treatments?

The advantages of thread treatment at the facial level, compared to other treatments, the most important is, as I say, the prevention and correction of facial sagging. We insist, a slight facial flabbiness. When we speak of moderate or severe facial flabbiness with an excess of skin, evidently the threads or any treatment will allow to correct it, only the operating room. The advantage it has is the duration in time, especially at the level of gold threads, as I say they are maintained from six to eight or ten years, which prevents skin aging.

How is this treatment compatible with other facial rejuvenation techniques?

The treatment with threads, gold threads, PDO, suitable threads, Spring, Silouette, any of them, especially gold, is compatible with any type of treatment. We have to take into account that the golden thread does not volumize, it has no filling capacity and none of the other threads either. So what do we do? We reinforce the skin, we relegate the tissues and when we have to volumize or have to remodel at the facial level, we can use any of the other substances that are used in aesthetic medicine such as hyaluronic acid, et cetera.

When is it convenient to start with the treatments with threads?

The age at which you can start to do a treatment with threads, at a corrective level and especially at a preventive level, can be from the age of 35. When there is an excess of skin and flaccidity is very important, the threads can no longer perform any action, therefore it is necessary to resort to surgery. There are even people who repeat the implantation of gold threads, in this case, at eight or ten years, and probably these people or this type of patients do not think they are going to step on an operating room.

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By Dr. Jesús Sierra Antiñolo
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Sierra Antoñolo is a pioneer in the use of botulinum toxin treatments, implant threads of gold and prolene both male and female skins, liposuction under local anesthesia, and other techniques for facial rejuvenation and body shaping. After more than 25 years of experience, she has its own clinic. Academically, he graduated with outstanding qualification and is now specialist teacher training doctors about injection techniques wrinkles with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid as well as implant techniques gold thread Prolene and traction being pioneer in this treatment. Dr. Sierra specializes in the treatment of male and female facial rejuvenation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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