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Written by: Alicia Rocher Robaina
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

It is normal for parents to observe with curiosity the eruption of teeth in children, as well as the fall of the teeth and the output of final. However, there are a number of questions that parents often ask:


When does the first tooth in babies

The first tooth usually go to the sixth month of baby 's life, although it is something that depends heavily on child. The first are usually the lower central incisors. There are a number of symptoms that warn us of the appearance of the first teeth , increased drooling, irritability and moodiness in children.


How to combat the discomfort in the child's mouth

Today there are many ways to relieve mouth pain of children. Traditionally they used Snapper, which can facilitate the eruption of the first teeth. Also, some biters also contain water, if cooled or frozen, it reduces inflammation in the area.

There are many objects that can relieve the baby, provided they are not objects that involve some risk, its composition or breakeven, and the fact that they can suck or swallow any of the pieces that conform.

Importantly , creams or oral solutions that offer should not contain sucrose or other sugars that encourage bacterial growth and germs early.



Order of appearance of baby teeth

- Lower incisor teeth: between 5 and 12 months- Upper incisor teeth: between 7 and 10 months- Teeth upper and lower side: between 9 and 12 months- First upper and lower molars: between 12 and 18 months- Canines upper and lower: between 18 and 24 months- Seconds upper and lower molars: between 24 and 30 months


When they finish out baby teeth

Baby teeth often end up leaving for two and a half years or three, and usually 20 pieces. However, every child is different, and the values ​​may have variability, the same way you can make growth. It should not be a concern for parents. In specific cases will be the specialist in pediatric dentistry who to follow up on .


If a child has had problems with the departure of baby teeth, the same will happen with permanent?

It does not have. Permanent teeth usually have no symptoms when they leave but rather problems related inflammatory factors or lack of space, among others. It is important that, when they start out permanent teeth, the child has good oral hygiene and regularly go to the dentist.


My son would have left molars six years but has not dropped any milk, is this normal?

Yes it is because the wheel six years is the first definitive. Out in the later parts of the jaw, just behind the last milk. Hence it is not necessary to fall any previously. This means that sometimes go unnoticed output of this piece.


What to do if a child will not have fallen baby teeth and already has the final, in bad position

It is a common problem when changing teeth. Sometimes the tongue, having a powerful musculature, helps replenish the teeth in place. However, the pediatric dentist who will assess whether or not to extract pieces of milk, to facilitate the relocation of permanent teeth.


When the first dental visit should occur

It is a common question among parents. Usually the first visit to the dentist should occur over three years, during primary eruption, for a first review. The controls will be every 6 months, being the mouth growing, without having to wait for any emergency. However, before the three years it is important that parents check your baby's teeth. If the teeth are healthy have a uniform color. But if the teeth have stains or spots, it will be important to see a dentist. To avoid early complications parents is recommended to periodically clean your teeth with a soft cloth or a special baby toothbrush. It is also recommended that when the child should go to the dentist for the first time, parents convey sense of confidence and security, as well as a relationship between the dentist and the child without fear or fears will be established.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Alicia Rocher Robaina

By Alicia Rocher Robaina

The Ms. Rocher is a renowned expert in dentistry. With over 15 years experience in the profession has gained extensive and intensive training in various dental specialties, highlighting the Pediatric Dentistry and all problems related to oral health of infants, children and adolescents. Moreover, he has participated in numerous national congresses of the specialty papers on pediatric dentistry. Currently he is responsible for the area of ​​Pediatric Dentistry Dental Clinic Carralero.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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