FAQs about dental implants

Written by: Dr. Fernando Loscos Morato
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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the artificial equivalent to the root of a tooth. Attached to the bone with a mechanical retention (similar to a screw). The dental crown , the visible part of the tooth, is subject to the implant. They are made of titanium, the most biocompatible material today.



In what cases can it be placed?

It is a very non-invasive surgery so there are hardly any contraindications. A correct diagnosis is essential to check if any disease or medication can interfere in the process. There is no age limit for implant placement as long as the patient has finished growing, usually after 18 years of age.


Dental implants are the artificial equivalent to the root of a tooth.



What is the intervention?

The surgery is very simple and painless. First an intervention is made in the gum for a subsequent preparation of the bone in which to place the implant. It usually ends with a few stitches. After the intervention, in a period of about two months, the implant will be welded to the bone in a biological integration process called osseointegration.



Is it necessary to rest?

Throughout the process, life can be completely normal. In some complex interventions may appear inflammation but the discomfort is minimal and can be solved with some analgesic. During the integration period, a provisional prosthesis can be worn, which will be replaced by a definitive dental prosthesis once the implant has been correctly welded.



Do implants require maintenance?

It is not always true that an implant is for life, over time it can deteriorate. If we do not take care of your condition you can suffer diseases similar to those of the teeth, such as perimplantitis, which in many cases can make us lose it. For this reason it is vital to check your status periodically by performing an adequate maintenance program. In this way it can last for many years as long as it is of quality and its placement has been carried out successfully



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By Dr. Fernando Loscos Morato

Dr. Fernando Loscos Morato is a specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology with over 25 years of professional experience. Doctor Cum Laude performing numerous publications on the art and is a speaker at courses and congresses Dentistry.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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