Why undergo a breast reduction?

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Many women opt for this surgery to reduce her breasts, either by back pain, poor posture, chest deformities and other ailments that affect the physical and psychological health of the patient.


Logo Ruber Breast reduction is surgery in which women improve the appearance of their breasts and relieves disorders caused by having a large breasts. Moreover, this operation two objectives are obtained well defined. On the one hand, the breast is in place and, secondly, the volume of the breast is reduced, resulting in a smaller, slim and firm appearance. The main function of the operation is to preserve the physiology and function of the female breast.


What is the technique of breast reduction?

This intervention can be carried out from various techniques and procedures, but always depend on the advice and judgment of the surgeon, taking into account:• Height nippleExtension to the axillaThe distance between one breast and the otherBreast reduction Breast practiced by functional disorders (backache, heaviness, etc.) or psychological problems of the patient.


Breast reduction functional alterations

The most common functional impairment caused by hypertrophic breast is the backbone. The breast weight, exerted on the anterior chest wall, it results in an increased dorsal kyphosis, balancing weight distribution. Therefore, an imbalance is generated vertebral generating appearances column early osteoarthritis, especially in older patients. Also, having a larger and heavier than normal breasts causes a greater effort in breathing and alters the expansion of our chest. This change, over time, can cause problems in the cardiovascular system of the patient.

The most common disorders caused by large breasts are:• Poor postureBackachespremenstrual Doloreschest deformitiesPhysical DiscomfortPsychological disturbances


Breast reduction by psychological problems

Nearly a third of patients have psychological conflicts deformity of their breasts, creating problems and inferiority complexes. After surgery, many patients experience a euphoric state at the results. With regard to the elderly, who choose to have breast reduction intervention, also make large profits. These benefits are even more rewarding in terms of better posture, a more correct and clean breathing and more efficient aeration. Also the elderly get many benefits from the psychological point of view.

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By Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
Plastic surgery

Renowned specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Castro Sierra has nearly 30 years experience. Graduate and Doctorate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 1990. Currently serving your own clinic, Castro Sierra, one of the most advanced clinics in Europe, specializing in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction and lifting.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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