Why orthognathic surgery is the best option?

Written by: Dr. Pablo Espinosa Calleja
Published: | Updated: 15/01/2019
Edited by: Roser Bernés Ubasos

orthognathic surgery mouth

Orthognathic surgery, or jaw surgery, is a surgical procedure performed by maxillofacial surgeons , that patients aims to improve their quality of life (chewing, breathing, sleep) and change the appearance of your teeth and jaw .

Many patients come to an orthodontic, because they see that their teeth are not properly aligned, are not happy with your smile and can not chew.

They have explained that in addition to orthodontics, need a difficult and painful surgery of the face to solve your problem. When patients receive this information was very scared, is not the kind of treatment they want and many dismiss operated and resort to other options, although surgery is the best solution for dental and aesthetic problems presented.

However, more and more patients attending consultation disproportion problems of the jaw, because they want to change the shape of your face or the look of your smile. Problems such as excessive chin and lower lip are treated optimally with orthognathic surgery. It is also suitable for those cases where the jaw is deviated. Most patients with orthodontic treatment need to optimize the result.

It is therefore of treatments in which the patient has to take an important and difficult decision that affects their future quality of life and it is very important that it be well advised to be able to assess all possible options.

It is very important that specialists help patients to make a list of goals to achieve with your orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery, regarding:

  • The appearance of the teeth
  • Smile and excess gum
  • The shape of the chin
  • The shape of the lips
  • The disproportionate size of the jaw
  • Fixing the jaw diverted
  • Close the bite, open bite treatment
  • Improve mastication
  • Improve sleep

Once the patient knows what to look for treatment and why it is convenient to operate (or not), you will be more motivated to face surgery, his postoperative and facial changes that will occur.

The new technologies of virtual planning and computer guided surgery greatly help meet the goals of each patient and technical advances allow more bearable postoperative. A good motivation and clear targets allow to achieve excellent results in orthognathic surgery.


Edited by Roser Berner Ubasos.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Pablo Espinosa Calleja
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Pablo Espinosa Calleja is a leading specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Currently, he carried out his professional activity in the Rotger Clinic and the Hospital Universitari Son Espases in Palma de Mallorca. It has been awarded the Prize of the St. Nicholas Foundation of the Royal Spanish Academy of Medicine to the best Bachelor and a scholarship AO Fellowship Grant at Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland, Baltimore, reconstructive surgery and facial trauma (2009).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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