Why intimate surgery?

Written by: Dra. Rosa Maria Sarabia Pérez
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hormonal therapy Vaginal discomfort or even pain during the course of daily or sporting activities, at the time of sex or genital hygiene problems suffer as a result of a disorder, it can become a traumatic event for the person who has it.


Treatments for vaginal pathology

Because it is experienced as something shameful, often you not even get to see a specialist. Other times it is the doctor himself who does not give enough attention to the consequences that these vaginal diseases can pose personal life of the patient causing it to drag for too long without treatment.

Today in Aesthetic Medicine there are different surgical and non - surgical procedures to recover and rejuvenate the intimate genital area, thus allowing a better quality of life and recovery of self - esteem. For feminine hygiene surgery, with minimally invasive procedures, very satisfactory and rapid recovery results.


Female intimate surgery

The intimate surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with the functional recovery and great aesthetics. The various operations that are responsible for this are:


More labiaplasty or remodeling older labia

It is to recover the lost volume in the labia of the vulva to avoid discomfort associated with lack of hydration (itching, irritation, pain when wearing tight clothing or while practicing sport). It is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and sometimes mild sedation. As a result the symptoms disappear and the genital and vaginal area is aesthetically improved with a rejuvenating result.


labiaplasty lower

Just as in most labioplastia, it is performed when the labia minora protrude the same discomfort causing irritation and hygiene. When the injury is repetitive, the labia minora acquire an unsightly appearance that women can acomplejar. The intervention is short-lived, allowing the patient to return home the same day, it applied local anesthesia and sedation is optional.



Potparto after incomplete recovery or menopause, muscles of the perineum or pelvic floor relax causing the descent of the vagina. This may be exposed to infectious germs or trauma during intercourse or even to urinary incontinence. Thus, the shape restoring perineoplasty perineum to achieve its function optimally support. It is performed under local anesthesia with sedation and its duration is short.


vaginal tightening

It is the intimate surgery getting the narrowness of the muscles around the vagina and reassert recovering its original form. By gaining muscle tone, intimate relationships are again satisfactory. It is a short-term intervention when practiced in isolation, although it is common to combine it with other techniques of genital rejuvenation.


Pubis liposuction

Excess fat on the Mount of Venus, besides giving an aged appearance, can push the vagina into an unnatural position. This situation is corrected using local anesthesia by aspiration of excess fat with a thin cannula, leaving a tiny scar, with a subsequent rapid recovery and giving the area a rejuvenated aesthetic. The duration is less than an hour, but you can mingle with other interventions in adjacent areas, to get a better overall effect.


Clitoral hypertrophy

This disorder may correspond to acquired or congenital endocrine changes. During this procedure excess tissue or external clitoral hood is corrected through outpatient surgery under local anesthesia and sedation for greater patient comfort. Recovery is rapid, recovering functionality without loss of sensitivity, with a good aesthetic appearance and following a normal life from the month and a half.

Many women face undergo surgery because intimate functional disorders such as urinary incontinence or trauma and infections. However, psychological and marital relationships implications must not belittle, that aesthetic alterations can cause genital area in both women and men and have easy solution in expert hands.

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Dra. Rosa Maria Sarabia Pérez

By Dra. Rosa Maria Sarabia Pérez
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Rosa Sarabia has over 25 years of experience dedicated to aesthetic medicine and treatment of obesity. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery outstanding at the University of the Basque Country, its extensive training demonstrates its commitment to never stop evolving in their work. A pioneer in the application of hormone therapy in the area of ​​Bilbao. She combines her clinical work with medical training in Pronokal, Diaprokal and Pnk methods. He is also Member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Member of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. He is currently Medical Director of the Clinic Sarabia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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