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Written by: Dra. Mery Lamah Castro
Published: | Updated: 15/02/2019
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Francisco Manuel Sánchez Anson, General Director polyclinics NacarI am here to present our new polyclinic Nacar newly opened in Zaragoza. The main reason why we have opened this new center is the huge demand of our patients both medical treatments and Dentistry-cal. Our new clinic has more than 300m2 divided into 6 treatment rooms, 3 offices, 2 lounges, ray room, sterilization and parking facilities itself. Another reason is to keep us at the forefront of digital technology applied to medicine for what we have a clinic fully informed-teed. Management teams last generation allow us to even have the his-tory medical in digital format. We have also expanded our team to more than 30 highly qualified professionals that you can get almost any tra-medical-dental treat- without leaving our facilities. In polyclinics Nacar we continue to work every day to offer our patients the best water t-tos with professionalism, reliability and safety. We wait for you.


3D scanner for surgery

Dr. Sanagustín Javier Querol, dentist, implantologist and prosthodontistIn Nacar Dental we have the latest technology in diagnostic radiology with Esca-ner 3D. From scanned images we can perform many pro-cedures, whether simulations to show the before and after treatments to our patients and the surgical part and plan to perform all interventions safely. This always guarantees some ex-cellent results.


Surgical procedures

Dr. Fernando Robleto Paul Adam, chief surgeon and dentistAmong the surgical procedures we perform complex extractions both semi-complex co-mo as may be the case of wisdom teeth included or semiinclui-das and treatment with single implants or major rehabilitations. With the use of latest technologies we managed to diagnose large bone atrophy, which can be regenerated using biomaterials or bone blocks self-geno the patient and in cases where there is migration of the gingiva and discover the root, by taking connective tissue graft from the palate, we carry zo-na, to cover these recessions.


healthy beauty

Dr.. Lamah Mery Castro, cosmetic surgeryI'm a doctor responsible for the health area Polyclinic aesthetic Nacar. I am also a medical trainer at national and international levels with 360 thread lifting and in advanced hyaluronic acid, which is one of my specialties. I have a wonderful team of gastroenterologists and nutritionists group Viamed. I also have a team of plastic and reconstructive surgery and together we com-we supplement because we have a common principle which is the healthy beauty, where the healthy mind, naturalness and harmony of proportions are the core and are the first .

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By Dra. Mery Lamah Castro
Aesthetic Medicine

Prestigious specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Lamah Castro has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and obtained a Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery and Aging Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Throughout his career he has been a professional in various renowned aesthetic clinics, such as ITPharma Aesthetics, Nacar Policlínicas de Zaragoza or Dorsia Medical and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. He also combines his assistance work with teaching and collaborating and participating in numerous conferences and scientific conferences.

The career of Dr. Lamah has some essential values for any doctor specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, among which are the communication between doctor and patient and the honesty and clarity in the diagnoses. Some of the pathologies or dermocosmetic conditions that he treats in his private clinic are: spots , acne , rosacea , corporal remodeling, weight loss among others.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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