We can detect and prevent osteoarthritis of the hip

Written by: Dr. Eric Margalet Romero
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The Institut Margalet has become an international reference center in hip arthroscopy


Over the last decade, the sport has been introduced into our lives,“in health and in sickness…& rdquo; as stated in the sacrament. & iquest;we prepared for this activity ?¿As the sport affect our joints ?¿we prevent joint injury



¿it affect sport our lives?

This demonstrated that sport in moderation positively influence different aspects of our body:body weight maintenance, regulation of blood pressure and improves cardio respiratory and other. A psychic level decreases stress and anxiety, prepares us for the effort and sacrifice, also gives us the virtue of sportsmanship. On the other hand, certain repetitive impact sports activities may accelerate the degenerative processes of our joints, especially if we are not prepared for bodily practice and thus can consider that predispose to osteoarthritis.


¿What is hip osteoarthritis


Hip osteoarthritis is not a disease in itself. It is the result of articular pathology that predisposes us to suffer, but we can treat and prevent. We know that 75 % of articular degenerative hip ending in the implantation of prostheses are triggered by a mechanical joint conflict called“Shock femoral acetabular” in its various presentations affect 20 % of the population. In our country, with over 46millones of registered inhabitants in the year 2014, about 9 million have this type of conflict mechanical joint, which for constitutional reasons affecting the functionalism of her hips and can trigger hip OA at different stages of their lives.


¿How can we prevent the emergence of hip osteoarthritis


This is our main objective:Prevention and Detection of patients with risk factors present such articular degeneration. We know that there is this pathology called femoral acetabular shock, which is constitutional and occurs in patients who have inherited the constitution or articular morphology ( shape of bones ) of any family members, and sports use may trigger the appearance of a early wear and early stage. Many times false diagnoses of tendonitis or muscle strain hide the true etiology of the lesion and do nothing but worsen the condition of our patients articular. Our evolution leads us to live more and more years, and our goal is that we can enjoy the highest quality of life possible, and to do so at the Institut Margalet have the best diagnostic methods to ensure adequate prevention.


¿In which consist methods


After more than 14 years dedicated to this type of pathology, we developed a protocol for early diagnosis, based on the most advanced and modern technological devices, which together with the experience behind us as a pioneer in the treatment and diagnosis hip injury. We have the best equipment Radiodiagnostico Europe that allow us a thorough and detailed examinations, which can assess the condition of the articular cartilage, so important for the proper functionalism of the joint. This type of NMR ( Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ) prevents invasive puncture articular contrast is accurate and necessary in other types of machines, also reduces the exposure time. Our radiologists are undoubtedly one of the best in the diagnosis and the valuation of our patients. We are a large multidisciplinary team that allows us to study and interpretation of the images of any patient in the world. Another important and fundamental point is the study we conducted through the pelvic sensor.


¿What is the pelvic sensor


It is a device that handles provide all information concerning the characteristics of the patient's gait, also allows for the movement of rotation of the lumbar region of the trunk during walking, providing us data cinematic movements pelvis. These movements are very important for the balance of the human body.


¿Why is it so important to this study


So far all the tests we conducted on the study of the pathology of the pelvis/hips and lower extremities have been static, ie the patient is still either lying or standing, but never before have we had been able to study the individual in motion, moving. This analysis allows us to know and understand how each patient moves, analyze their movement is to know your biomechanics, detect that pattern is dominant. We are one of the few centers in Europe that has this diagnosis system.


¿, have osteoarthritis treatment


As we well noted above, osteoarthritis is the result of a well-articular pathology or trigger of biomechanics alteration. An early diagnosis, using the most pioneering and most technologically advanced systems help us achieve this goal. We have different therapies, from the most conservative based on the preservation articular using biomaterials.


you a member of the committee of experts nationwide biomaterials,¿? biomaterials that are important in the treatment of articular pathology

No doubt there is a before and after the application of these techniques. The use of these biomaterials allow us to repair articular cartilage injuries, tendons and ligaments as important articular functionalism. It is certainly the immediate future joint regeneration.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Eric Margalet Romero

By Dr. Eric Margalet Romero
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Eric Margalet is a great referent in hip arthroscopy and a leading member of major arthroscopy societies. Consultant surgeon and national and international opinion leader in hip arthroscopy. It is also authorized for the training of both surgeons and hospital centers and residents in training in arthroscopy, both national and international. He is the medical director and head of the Institut Margalet of Arthroscopic Surgery and Traumatology, located in the Creu Blanca Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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